Hair Me Out!

Ive been thinking alot lately about the health of my hair. Part of  my uniform for work is wearing a hat and i usually just throw my hair in a simple ponytail and not give it a second thought. But Im starting to hate my ponytail and would love to experiment with my hair. I want to take care of me more and i want my hair to be apart of that.

     Ive started buying hair magazines so I could sort of feel out what kind of hairstyle i like.. I dont want anything too fancy that requires alot  of maintenance because i have to think about work. When I was a little girl my mother kept my hair braided in all sorts of styles. Every other week she was washing my hair and braiding iit. Although i hated the process i usually loved the end result.Once I got old enough to do my own hair, I kept it in a ponytail because i hadn’t learned how to braid. I had my first salon visit when i was 16 years old. My uncle’s girlfriend took me to a dominican hair salon and the hair stylist washed, conditioned, blew dry, and flat ironed it.
     That salon visit had a prfound affect on me because up until then i thought my hair was hopeless. It’s very thick and coarse and the sides always stick up no matter what i do to it. But when i saw what my hair was capable of, that’s what i wanted. But i never followed through with it because money was tight at times so i stuck with my routine of hair gel and a ponytail. Fast forward four years.
     Amani hair texture is similar to mine but its more manageable. I never tell her she has “terrible hair” because i don’t want her to have a compLex about her hair. I usually wash her hair with Johnson’s because she hates when soap gets in her eye, blow dry it, and grease it. The end result is a gorgeous brunette afro that makes her face look lovelier than usual. I love her afro and I encourage her to love it as well. But i often wonder if I’m really taking good care of her young hair. I dont want her to have hair issues like i do.
     I havent been taking care of my hair at all. I don’t use the right products on it and i dont think im informed enough about hair to know what to use. I just use lots of hair ge which breaks my hair. I wash it with any kind of shampoo(even Amani’s baby shampoo) and that will be it. But Im tired of abusing my  follicles and want better for my ‘crowning glory’. I’ve purchased a book all about hair textures and what works for what time of hair.. i think its a step in the right direction for me to take care of my hair  and get some confidence in it and pass on that confidence to Amani 

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