Time Is On My Side

Ive been very concerned about the time I spend with Amani. I work unconventional hours (Friday thru Tuesday from 12pm to 8:30pm) and  y the time I get home Amani is usually asleep. If she isn’t, I worry about her being. up too late and I’m too busy trying to get he to go to sleep to do any quality activities.. Things were so much easier when I was unemployed because I had nothing but time to spend with her.

     I was so proud of my knowledge of all things Amani. I knew all of her favorite cartoon shows and characters, all the theme songs to those shows and which celebrity teen she was crushing on. Now I feel sort of lost. I just found out the other day that she now has a crush on Bruce Lee(yes, THAT Bruce Lee). She found out about him because when I’m not here my mother spends time with her by watching Bruce Lee movies. My mother had the biggest crush on Bruce Lee when she was a little girl and she’s passed that down to her granddaughter.Even my 14-year-old brother spends time with her by watching Power Ranger:Jungle Fury with her. I was starting to feel a little guilty about being a working mom who does overtime some nights to support us.
     Then something wonderful started happening. Amani started taking her naps later in the evening and being that the naps last about 2 hours or so, she would be up by 10:30 or 11:00.By that time my mothers are both exhausted from taking care of her all day so it’s my turn to take over. I’m tired myself so I’ll leave Amani awake to watch t.v. while catch some zzz’s. She always gets her hands on my phone  me and so I’m never sleep long and I’m up at 3 am watching  The Upside Down Show. But I turn ff the tv and tell Amani its time for bed but since she isn’t tired we wind up talking. She always starts off by asking me how work was and I tell her all about my day and then she tells me what happened on Big Time Rush, Spongebob Squarepants, and Max and Ruby.
     We have late night snacks followed by tickle fights which ends with us cuddling before I  hear her gentle snoring. I realized that me and Amani’s quality time has become just as unconventional as my work schedule but that doesn’t make it any less special..I’m still in the loop.

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  1. Awww, time with children is precious! So sorry that you have to miss out on some of that right now. Glad you visited my site on my SITS Day and that I got to meet you! Please come back anytime!


    1. mommyincolor says:

      Thanks and I will definitely stop by again soon!


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