Unleash The Sexy

     I purchased a new book called The Power of Wow: A Guide To Unleashing The Confident, Sexy You. I figured that now since I’m paying more attention to Jennice; the woman, I also need to work on my inside as well as my outside. I’ve had it for weeks but I just pulled off myself at random. I must say I’m kind of excited about this book.

     I’ve only recently had a boost in my confidence. Maybe it’s because I’m working now and I’m more financially independent. I find myself being more confident around my male counterparts.. At work, I flirt with all my men coworkers. Not anything inappropiate, but you know just enough to stroke both their ego and mine. I’ve always been a natural beauty (that’s right I toot my own horn) and have always been against wearing make up , so it surprised me when I noticed that I was picking out make up that would make my eyelashes longer and fuller because I’ve always been told my eyes were my best feature. Plus, I throw on a little lip gloss or lipstick. It makes me feel more confident as a woman to do these things.

     But I never thought about how I truly feel on the inside. Just as every other living person on the face of this Earth, I’ve had a rough upbringing. Ive had to deal with a drug addicted mother, being adopted, and becoming a teen mother. I never just stopped to think about how I truly feel about me. I’m hoping to dig down deep within myself and deal with the parts of myself that I don’t think are so beautiful. I want to accept all of me so that i CAN BE A MORE CONFIDENT SEXY ME!!!

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