PTA Blues

When Amani started school I swore I would be a very prominent figure in her academic life. PTA meetings, bake sales, and playdates. I was going to be SuperMom. Whenever a social event came up at Amani’s school they’d call  me to do the decorations because I am the most creative.Or if the needed an article done in the school’s newsletter they call on me to be editor of that newsletter. I would be the go to mom for that.

     But no I have not received any call from Mariah’s dad to get together for a playdate, and Amani’s teacher Mrs. Thompson isnt asking me to chaperone the next field trip. 

I know its my fault that I’m not more involved with Amani’s school activities. Sure, I could blame my overtime hours for making me overtired so all i do is sleep. But i haven’t done it  because I’m scared to. I have awesome ideas for field trips and PTA meetings but I’m to scared to approach the school about my ideas

I’m embarrassed for not being more involoved with Amani’s education. I have yet to attend one PTA meeting. The plan with that was to be a slightly brown nosing newbie, volunteer for everything, charm the pants off of everyone and then take over. I guess I didn’t consider that I’d have a job with nontraditional hours that would prevent me from attending even one bake sale. Non chaperoning trips or volunteering to come in and read to the children. Nor did I consider that when the time came, I’d chicken out. Epic fail across the board.

So, how do I  redeem myself? After thinking about it long and hard I’ve decided I don’t need to redeem myself. I don’t have to prove to anyone that I care about Amani’s education. I prove it to her when I ask her what she learned in school when I pick her up. A moth ago, her class was learning about the food pyramid.I asked Amani about it to see how much she remembered , then I took her to our local supermarket and we had a lesson right there in the fruit and vegetable aisle. I looked up the benefits of some of the fruits and veggies online so that I myself was knowledgable  while schoolin’ my little girl.

I used to look down on parents who paid little to no attention to PTA meetings (and this was before Amani was even born). I just thought those parents were lazy and didn’t care but I now see that maybe they too are just wiped out from demanding jobs and maybe they are supplementing their lack of PTA preesence with field trips, bake sales, and story time of their own.Maybe they’re intimidated by the PTA too. And that’s OK.

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