Monthly Archives: September 2012

Food for Thought

Mommy N and I have decided it’s time for us to stop being lazy and go  ahead and go food shopping. We haven’t gone in months and instead have been doing alot of eating out ,which you can imagine has drained our pocketbooks. We receive food stamps every month and that helps us out alot. My work schedule is crazy but Amani still deserves home cooked meals. Things would be easier for my mom if I had all of Amani’s meals already made and all she had to do was warm them up. Plus, it will make me feel alot better knowing what exactly is going into Baby Girl’s mouth.

     With that being said, I have found meal planning to be hard. I’ve been looking at different websites with articles about meal planning for the week and the recipes are complicated things that I know Amani is not going to eat. I asked a fellow mommy blogger friend of mine what I should do and she said start from what I have in my kitchen and sort of plan meals for the week around those items. I neglected to tell her my refrigerator and cabinet are bone dry. I did a little research and came on this article that listed 10 staple items I should have in my cabinets. They are fairly cheap which is good. I know some of Amani’s favorite foods and most of them aren’t the healthiest but I know easy substitutions for those meals. She’s a big lover of sausage and spaghetti so to me all I have to do is combine the two(sausage as meatballs)  and that’s a meal right there that should last for about two days. I even have a recipe for that.
     But the rest of the meal planning has me stumped. We receive food stamps once a month so Mommy N and I do one really big shopping trip. I take a shopping cart and my shopping list and she takes a shopping cart and no list. I think what I’ll do is buy the staple items and a some ingredients for maybe two of the recipes and every week I can take my paycheck and pick up only the items I need for the next week of recipes. I’m going to stick to my list no matter what. On my days off work, I’ll sit down and go through my inventory of what I have already for recipes and only buy the ingredients I don’t have. I think I’ll even give myself a budget every week on how much to spend. I think maybe $50 is a good start.
     I’m nnot a gourmet chef and Mommy N taught me how to make basic things like fried chicken, spaghetti,  and mac and cheese.They were all very basic. But me, I like a little flair in my food so I’ve looked up alot of recipes that pput a spin on classics. I even managed to draw some inspiration from work. There’s this dressing that we use in our salads called tomato vinagrette and I would love to incorporate that into my own salad. We also have something called zucchini tapenade that we use for salads and our Italian Bistro sandwhiches. I’d like to try that as well.
     Now that I’ve sat down and thought about meal planning and looking over what I’ve written about in this post, it isn’t going to be as hard as I thought. I know it will take some trial and error, especially with Amani being a little finicky about what she eats ,but to me this is important if I don’t want Amani to have an unhealthy relationship with food like me, X, Mommy N,and Mommy A have. Who knows, maybe in the process of cooking for her, I’ll pick up a few healthy habits for myself and the rest of my family.