Hair Challenge: 1 month later


I started my hair challenge with an hot oil treatment using castor oil. I wrapped my hair in a conditioning cap and wrapped the cap in a hot towel. After half an hour I washed it out and shampooed using a sulfate free shampoo. Sulfate can be hard on hair so I don’t use shampoos that contain sulfate as my weekly choice. I applied the faux ponytail which protects the ends of my hair. After a week, I got tired of the ponytail  so I took it out , greased my scalp with castor oil (which is also a requirement of the challenge. I have to do it  every week.) I washed and conditioned, L.O.C’d and put in a sock bun. The castor oil feels heavy on my hair so all the other products I use I try to make sure they are light.

I managed to stay away from hair gel for the last four months or so and have substituted it for ORS Smooth N Hold pudding. It’s ideal for ponytails but doesn’t do much for my stupid puffy new growth. I try to smooth it out as much as possible but to no avail. I have fallen in love with Organic Root Stimulator products and I just found out they have a line for little girls (yay,Amani!).I miss my Profectiv products and as soon as I figure out which ones suit me the best, I’ll incorporate it into my regimen.

In my third week, I found a new wash routine thanks to Aisha of I followed the routine pretty much to the letter but changed it a little so that it still fell in line with the guidelines for the challenge. I like washing and applying products to my hair in sections. I usually do it in 4 sections and I can give each section the attention it deserves.

Two things that are still bugging me are the rough patch in the middle of my hair and breakage. The patch is a coarser texture than the rest of my hair and it seems to constantly stay dry. Within the last few weeks it’s become a little more manageable and moisturized. I’ve had breakage problems for as long as I can remember. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clogged my tub drain with my hair. But since I’ve been detangling properly (tip to root) it’s been less of a problem.

I’m really excited about what the result will be like once the challenge is over. I’ve had fun using different products and experimenting with how to treat her my hair. It’s very much like me:sensitive, stubborn, but needs to be handled gently. I even tried something new with Amani’s hair. I did a bantu knot twist out. The result were nice mini like curls and her hair in the bantu knots was beautiful. After next month, I’m still debating on whether or not to relax my hair or cut it all off. I’d relax it because of the new growth and I’d cut it all off because of the split ends Either way, I’m going to have to make a decision soon. I want to be natural and I’ve learned so much about it that relaxing it would just undo all of that. Check back in with me next month as I deal with the next and last month of the 8 week protective style challenge. BTW, the way I listed the products I was going to be use every week for the challenge have changed a bit and I.ll redo it in a month.




Amani and her lovely locs!


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  1. Her bantu knotout came out beautifully. I just recently got my hair to cooperate using a knotout. If you’re comfortable, you could trim the split ends yourself. I had a problem with split ends but since I’ve trimmed them and check for them on a regular basis, my hair has been doing much better with this whole natural process.


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