Anti-Breakage Challenge:Weeks 2&3

For week two of the antibreakage challenge, I once agained used my sulfate free shampoo as a substition for a moisturizing shampoo. I used ORS Hair Mayo as my medium protein treatment. It had to be used as a preepoo 30 minutes before washing. I sectioned my hair in fours and applied a hair masque,covered with a conditioning cap,and blew dry with my handheld blow dryer. After I rinsed that out, I L.O.C.’d as usual. My go to style for that week was my sock bun.
Week three, I was required to use a light protein conditioner so I took an ARGO cornstarch container ,put a tablespoon of Hair Mayo and put loads of EVOO and mixed them together. I applied to hair and let sit under a hand dryer with my conditioning cap on. I used Aphogee Leave In Treatment and the put EVOO and HAIRepair Intense Moisture Creme. I think I’ll be rocking a twistout this week! Until next week,friends!


The Argo cornstarch container where I put my light protein mix


Aphogee Leave In Conditioner

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  1. I give you credit for working to make your hair healthy. I’m a quirky natural, as in I hate experimenting with products, and I don’t have the patience to twist or do a lot of tricks with my hair. I’m having success with using Jamaica Black Castor Oil and this bun tutorial I found on YouTube. I hope it’s okay to share the

    Visiting from SITS.


    1. mommyincolor says:

      Thank you for sharing this link. I feel you on the lazy part but I’m a research petson and I have to be fully informed abt something before getting unto it. Good luck with ur hair journey!


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