How I Take Care of my Cooky Curly Hair

My Hair Regimen


So far I don’t do anything daily with my hair. I usually just throw it in a ponytail and then cover it with my silk scarf at night and if I’m too lazy for that, I have a satin pillowcase as backup.


Every week I wash my hair with one of my sulfate free shampoos. My favorite one is Curls Unleashed Lavish in Lather sulfate free shampoo. I like Curl Care by Dr.Miracles Rehydrating Shampoo but it doesn’t have much lather to it and I NEED lather to feel clean. I’ve adopted a new wash routine which is sectioning my hair in four parts, washing only the scalp with shampoo because the water will clean the rest of the hair shaft during rinsing. After that, I finger detangle,then comb detangle and apply my deep conditioner.My favorite is ORS Replenishing Conditioner. I let it sit for 30 minutes with a conditioning cap on,then wash out. I L.O.C with whatever oil I choose and with whatever hair lotion/cream I want. As long as it’s moisturizing,I’m good.


Monthly hair care requires alot of time, in my opinion.I have to switch up shampoos to either a clarifying one or chelating one. My fave is ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo,which is a clarifying shampo. Then I use a protein conditioner, either ORS Hair Mayo or Aphogee  Keratin 2 minute reconstructor. Protein is a little harsh so i follow up with a moisturizing conditioner like ORS Hair Masque. My favorite part of monthly hair care is my hot  oil treatment. I get to use whichever oil I feel like my hair needs and it always turns out feeling amazing!It only stays in for 30 minutes but that’s more than enough time to have my hair feeling soft and manageable. Lastly, is L.O.C.



I don’t style my hair much these days. I usually do either a sock bun or a faux ponytail. I know ,I know it’s boring but I promise to find other things I can do. I’m most concerned now with healthy hair because to me that is the sexiest kind of hair. Some of the products I mentioned earlier are going to be swapped out for new ones and some are going to become staples.

Things to Add/Change:
I plan or becoming more vigilant with my regular hair treatment becuase to be honest it does take TIME. Some days I’m too lazy to even run a comb through my hair nd those of you who know me personally, are a witness to that. I also want to make the move to finally “dust my hair. After I’m done with my AntiBreakage Challenge, I’m going to cut my own hair!!!! No, don’t try to stop me, I finally have the courage and know how to do it myself. Besides, me buying some hair scissors are waaaayyyy cheaper than me paying someone who doesn’t know anything thing about my lovely locs to do it. Although, I’m still a newbie to #teamlonghairdontcare, I want to incoporate more organic products to my arsenal. That’s more so to benefit Amani’s hair than mine because alot of the products I use on myself, I also use on her and she still has virgin hair. I’ve discovered yet another wonderful natural hair website that is more directed towards little ladies and I am in love with it. It’s I encourage all my mothers of chocolate chip lovelies to try the hairstyles and hair tips before relaxing their children’s hair. I can proudly say that before I ever decided to get on a natural hair journey, I encouraged Amani to love her ‘fro as is. And she does. As I mentioned before, Iam soon planning a visit to Miss Jessie’s Hair Salon to get some professional advice on my hair and I’m also going to do a consultation with Miss Kavuli of Good Hair Diaries, as soon as I work it into my schedule.My birthday is coming up and as I get older, I want my hair to reflect how I feel about myself as a woman and mom.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. 4awritermom says:

    Congrats to you for joining up with #teamnatural!!!! My daughter cut her dreads off and she’s rocking a nice ‘fro. I’m always online finding her natural hair blogs and she’s developing her own daily hair care routine. Good luck! Keep it up!


  2. 4awritermom says:

    Congrats on going au naturale!!! It seems like you got it altogether! My daughter cut her dreads off and now she’s rockin’ a ‘fro! She’s still developing a daily/weekly technique that works for her. I’m always online finding cute styles and advice for her! Good luck!


    1. mommyincolor says:

      Thank you for the compliment. Natural hair is a learning process and I’ve just started. I am glad to share ideas and things I learn with others.


  3. My hair has always been stick straight, but now, in my mid thirties, it has decided to be curly. I just want it to make up it’s mind! 🙂


    1. mommyincolor says:

      Well, now that it seems to be on the curlier side, u can start taking the steps to making it fabulous!!!


  4. My hair used to be super curly. I should have been doing these things to it.


    1. mommyincolor says:

      The best thing to do for your hair is find out what’s best for your hair by “listening” to it!


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