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This Product Junkie’s Products


After a few months of transitioning, I think I’ve finally come to the point where I know which products I like for Diva and which I don’t. It took some trial and error but I have some staples and I’m sure as my hair changes some of the staples will change, but for now I NEED them.

Products To Ditch:

1) Curl Care by Dr. Miracle’s Rehydrating Shampoo- it doesn’t have the lather I need to make my hair feel clean. I do like the tingly sensation in my scalp,though.

2)Aphogee Leave-In-Conditioner: It’s too watery and I prefer a creamier product. It’s great for spritzing in the hair,though.

3)castor oil- It’s a very heavy oil and makes my hair feel greasy but it does thicken the hair. I might leave it alone for a little while because my hair is thick enough for now.

4)Eco-Styler Olive Oil Gel- I am addicted to hair gel and I left it alone for awhile but went back to it and the gel just started flaking on my hair. It has good hold though.

5)Curls Unleashed Second Day Curl Refresher- I feel like it just sits on my hair and I think I’ll hand it down to Amani. It also has a stickiness to it I don’t like.


1) ORS Hair Mayo- It’s a good protein conditioner and really reminds me of mayonnaise !

2)ORS Hair Masque- This is one of two deep conditioners I LOVE!

3)ORS Replenishing COnditioner- I like this conditioner because it’s my fave color and smells like lemons. It’s creamy as well and sometimes I use it as a prepoo.

4)ORS Uplifting Shampoo- My fave for removing calcium buildup and it lathers perfectly and leaves a tingly feeling in my scalp. It last me a long time because I only use it monthly (sulfate is in it).

5)ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo- another monthly only shampoo that I like. It removes all the stylers I’ve used that month.

6)ORS Curls Unleashed Lavish in Lather sulfate free shampoo- exactly what it says, lots of lather and I can use it weekly.Sometimes I even use it as bubble soap for Amani’s bath,lol

7)ORS Smooth-N-Hold Pudding- great for ponytails which I’m always in. I am trying to use it in replace of gel. It’s diffult to get my new growth to behave using it but I like it for the rest of my hair

8)ORS Incredibly Rich Oil moisturizing lotion- It’s creamy just how I like it and it keeps my hair moisturized for days!!

9)coconut oil- makes my hair all shiny

10)EVOO-see #9

11) lavender oil- I only use this right now for Amani’s bath massages and as an oil in her bath. I also use it to help me get to sleep

12) Creme of Nature w/ Argan Oil Moisturizer- it’s new to me and I used it to baggy my hair and it did great!

13) Curls Unleashed Curl defining Creme- My absolute fave styling product. It is perfect for Amani’s twistouts and mine too.


14)ORS HAIRepair Intense Moisture Creme- the moisture is so good but the jar is so small
15) ORS HAIRepair Anti-Breakage Creme- obvious breakage problems so most of the time I use it for L.O.C.
16) ORS HAIRepair Nourishing COnditioner- it gives excellent slip and smells like bananas

Amani’s Homemade ABC Book


So as promised previously, I have finally gotten around to starting Amani’s Homemade Alphabet Book . It’s very simple,really and is best explained at Today we did the ketters A,B,and C and she was so into it and we’re gonna keep it up until we get through the whole alphabet. Now that she’s been accepted to the Future Leaders Institute (a charter school), I really must get both her and I on my A game. I hope that her book will inspire all of you to try this or think of some more creative!
The cover: Amani’s ABC Book

The letter A: Adam(her cousin’s name),adore,and apples

The letter B:bathing suit,brown,baby

The letter C: cute,cat,cuddles

High Bun Mohawk & An Update


This past Mother’s Day weekend I finally went for the high bun mohawk I’ve talked about doing before. I felt like it was time to do something different,especially after finally ‘dusting’ my hair.

In preparation for my  new ‘do, i prepoo’d my hair with extra virgin coconut oil for about an hour before washing with my creamy aloe shampoo. I used the creamy aloe shampoo because the Eco Styler Olive Oil  Hair Gel I used really had my hair flaky so I needed first and foremost handle that. After that, I used my Creme of Nature Moisture and Shine sulfate free shampoo. I finger and comb detangled then applied my Tressemme Moisturizing Conditioner. After washing it out, I  did a hot oil treatment with coconut oil,castor oil,and, olive oil. It felt amazing and after 30 minutes, I co washed with the same conditioner.

i followed the YouTube video tutorial pretty much to the letter( I let my mom part it for me) and the results were amazing!!! I was very proud to attempt my first updo by myself and what better timing than Mother’s Day. I plan on leaving it in until Friday and before then I hope to find my next easy-to-do…’do.I’d like to attempt a wash’n’go but first I want to figure out how to do it the right way.

Before doing my mohawk, I told my mom I was going to NEVER relax my hair again and she didnt understand why I was choosing to take care of my own hair from now on. She actually seemed a little upset and I explained to her that it was my decision and I was going to do it whether she approved or not.That took alot of guts to do, but after reading how other naturalistas dealt with opposition for #Naturalhair, I felt better about letting my mom know my plans. 

I’m happy to report that my breakage problem, is coming along slowly but surely. After cutting my hair, I think it will progress even better. My next thing to tackle is that damn rough patch smack in the lower right area of my hair. I’m really at a lost for what to do about it but I suppose  dong some type of daily regimen would be a start.






Jennice:24 years later


24 years ago, I came into this world. I was like all babies:small,innocent,and wanting love. I had it rough growing up, being a foster child not too long after my birth. However, I was luckier than most.My great aunt raised me for the first six years of my life and for awhile she was the only mother I knew.She was taken away from me by her illness, diabetes and I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. I remember my great aunt telling me that God would always take care of me so with a heavy heart I asked Him to bring me a new mommy.She could never replace my great aunt in my heart but I wanted one who would love me just as fiercely and protect me because she couldn’t bear the thought of anything bad happening to me. He heard me.

My aunt came into my life and everything changed. I knew she was perfect for me and I was perfect for her.She let me know who my birth mother was and I found out that I have Mommy A’s knack for learning and creativity.I was a stubborn troublemaker and Mommy N loved me through all of that. She told me the stories of a great woman of strength and faith. A woman, who shared the same bloodline as me. My great grandmother runs through my veins and I didn’t know that I inherited that same strength. As a kid, I was very sensitive,shy, and nerdy. I thought those things made me weak and unimportant and it wasn’t until Amani was born that I realized that those characteristics made me a different kind of strong. You see, my sensitivity shows that I’m unafraid to express my emotions and it takes a strong person to wear her heart on her sleeve. My nerdiness shows that I’m strong enough to be myself in a sea of “trendy”. 

I want to thank Mommy N for making me her daughter when she didn’t have to. She gave me all of her and it’s because of that that I can give Amani all of me. I’ve inherited a strong work ethic and morals from her.In the 24 years I’ve been living I finally feel like the woman I’m supposed to be. I feel beautiful and smart even on my ugly and bad decision making days. I can take on the world and not be scared of what it will throw at me.


I have a long way to go in my life and I know that God will lead me to where I’m supposed to be. Now that I think about it even the negative people that have come(some stayed,some left)into my life helped to polish off this diamond in the rough. Happy Birthday Jennice Lauren Marie!!!