Jennice:24 years later


24 years ago, I came into this world. I was like all babies:small,innocent,and wanting love. I had it rough growing up, being a foster child not too long after my birth. However, I was luckier than most.My great aunt raised me for the first six years of my life and for awhile she was the only mother I knew.She was taken away from me by her illness, diabetes and I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. I remember my great aunt telling me that God would always take care of me so with a heavy heart I asked Him to bring me a new mommy.She could never replace my great aunt in my heart but I wanted one who would love me just as fiercely and protect me because she couldn’t bear the thought of anything bad happening to me. He heard me.

My aunt came into my life and everything changed. I knew she was perfect for me and I was perfect for her.She let me know who my birth mother was and I found out that I have Mommy A’s knack for learning and creativity.I was a stubborn troublemaker and Mommy N loved me through all of that. She told me the stories of a great woman of strength and faith. A woman, who shared the same bloodline as me. My great grandmother runs through my veins and I didn’t know that I inherited that same strength. As a kid, I was very sensitive,shy, and nerdy. I thought those things made me weak and unimportant and it wasn’t until Amani was born that I realized that those characteristics made me a different kind of strong. You see, my sensitivity shows that I’m unafraid to express my emotions and it takes a strong person to wear her heart on her sleeve. My nerdiness shows that I’m strong enough to be myself in a sea of “trendy”.ย 

I want to thank Mommy N for making me her daughter when she didn’t have to. She gave me all of her and it’s because of that that I can give Amani all of me. I’ve inherited a strong work ethic and morals from her.In the 24 years I’ve been living I finally feel like the woman I’m supposed to be. I feel beautiful and smart even on my ugly and bad decision making days. I can take on the world and not be scared of what it will throw at me.


I have a long way to go in my life and I know that God will lead me to where I’m supposed to be. Now that I think about it even the negative people that have come(some stayed,some left)into my life helped to polish off this diamond in the rough. Happy Birthday Jennice Lauren Marie!!!

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  1. Happy birthday Ms. Jennice Lauren Marie! One more year and you’ll be a quarter of a century! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Life absolutely does get better as we age, live and grow! I’m so glad you survived all the madness that you experienced. A testimony is on the way. There’s never a testimony w/o a test, eh? Happy Birthday and many more!


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