Amani’s Homemade ABC Book


So as promised previously, I have finally gotten around to starting Amani’s Homemade Alphabet Book . It’s very simple,really and is best explained at Today we did the ketters A,B,and C and she was so into it and we’re gonna keep it up until we get through the whole alphabet. Now that she’s been accepted to the Future Leaders Institute (a charter school), I really must get both her and I on my A game. I hope that her book will inspire all of you to try this or think of some more creative!
The cover: Amani’s ABC Book

The letter A: Adam(her cousin’s name),adore,and apples

The letter B:bathing suit,brown,baby

The letter C: cute,cat,cuddles

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  1. What a beautiful book and lovely website. 🙂 As a mother of two myself, you remind me of a time when they were so young and innocent. Thank you for that. And thank you to sharefest for showing to each others sites


  2. That’s a great idea! What a fun way to get your daughter involved too. I did lots of arts and crafts with my kids when they were little, but I never did this. Amani is precious!


  3. Love the cover of her book!
    I did an ABC book with my oldest, and I have been meaning to do one with my son… Such a fun thing to do with them!
    Thanks for stopping by from Sharefest. Hope you have an awesome weekend!


  4. What a GREAT idea. I wish I’d thought of that when my kids were little. Including pictures of your daughter was genius. Who doesn’t want to devour a book they are in?!


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