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The Best 4th of July Ever


The best 4th of July I’ve ever spent was with my family in 2008. My brother was leaving for the Army a week later and I was determined that we would spend one last holiday together before everything changed

Mommy N had always taken us to Coney Island during the summer when we were children. This time, we only lived a couple of blocks away from the amusement park. The day started off with rain,which made me mad because I had bought Bubba a new bathing suit and I couldn’t use it. But I refused to let it get me down. Our tradition continued with park rides,arcade games,amd plenty of food. Bubba was 7 months old and her first ride was the carousel.

I’m glad we did that trip because since then so mich has changed. Some of the changes were good,some just downright tragic. But on this day,everything was …perfect!


The best moment in time!!!

Mommy In Color: A Year Later


I just realized that I’ve had this blog for over a year. I started Mommy In Color in February 2012 after deciding to start over from a Blogger blog I had, Mommy Dearest. I started blogging when Bubba was a few months old. My inspiration came from a young mom blog that I fell in love with, The Young Mommy Life. It really helped me get through Bubba’s first year. I started thinking that if this blog could inspire me and other women like me, maybe I could do the same.

I have to admit that it’s very hard keeping up with the other “mommy blogs”and yes, sometimes I get a little envious of the blogs with better designs and better content,more fans,etc. I’ve seriously considered throwing in the towel, but I always remember two things: writing is my…THING and I’ve found alot of fellow bloggers who are very supprtive.I know I have a long way to go before I’m a pro, but I’m going to continue working at my craftand letting people help me.Looking back at my posts over the last year, I’ve done alot of growing both as a writer and in my personal life.I think that my writing should reflect my growth and I’m satisfied that it does.


I’m hoping to make quite a few changes. I hope to start doing guest posts on other blogs, revamping my look, and looking at avenues where I can make some money because to be honest, Mama needs a new pair of shoes! There are quite a few of my favorite blogs that I hope to be able to work with and I’d like to thank everyone who has been supportive and will continue to support me. *raises champagne glass* To Mommy In Color!!!


So with me being a SAHM, I haven’t really gotten into a routine.With Bubba becoming more independent, I find that I have longer stretches of time to do things that I need/want to do.

The only routine I have is a t.v. routine.Like 5 days out of the  week, I know what I’m going to be watching all day. I figured if I could give myself that kind of dedication for my favorite t.v. programming, then I can dedicate myself to a household routine, in which I’m making both me and Bubba more productive.

Alot of my motivation came from the Young Mom Summit- Tips To Make The Most out of Being A Stay-At-Home-Mom over at The Young Mommy Life. Bubba needs time set aside for learning activities and mommy time, and she also needs to take a break from me too,.Let’s face it, she loves me just as much as I do her but I know I get on her nerves,too.

I have at least a good two hours before Bubba wakes up in the morning and I think I can take that time to tidy up a bit ( or alot depending on how lazy I was the day before), get some writing done, and catch up with my Twitter/ Facebook timelines. Once breakfast for Bubba is out of the way, I can go ahead and give her about an hour or two for learning and creative play. The thing I love about Bubba is she is excellent with her computer skillls, so our laptop doubles as her fun zone and academic stuff.


Mommy N is sort of my partner in my parenting situation and she has no problem taking over responsibilities for Bubba when I get to my boiling point and need a cooling off period,(like right now as I’m writing this post)

I know there are going to be days when things will happen totally unexpectedly as it always does with motherhood. I just have to remember that I can get through it and not to take myself so seriously. I chose to be a SAHM for Bubba’s benefit and I have to learn how to adapt myself to a situation that I haven’t been in in awhile.


SAHM or Bust!

The Alphabet Meme


I got this idea from The Miss Elaine-ous Life. I’ve never done this before and I hope you guys like it and try it!

A. Attached or Single? None of your business…yet. 

B. Best Friend? My best friend is K. Muniz and we’ve been friends for 9yrs. We met in 10th grade and I’ve loved her ever since.


C. Cake or pie? Cake- cheesecake…any flavor!

D. Day of choice? My birthday. It’s the one time I get all the attention i deserve!!!

E. Essential Item? lip balm

F. Favorite color? yellow…it just makes me happy 

G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears 

H. Hometown? Far Rockaway, NY


I. Favorite Indulgence? Getting my nails done

J. January or July? July. My family loves going to Coney Island on Independence Day

K. Kids? Yes..a 5yo daughter who I think has a promising fututre as a dancer


L. Life isn’t complete without? My little girl. 

M. Marriage date? N/A

N. Number of brothers/sisters? I have 5 brothers and 0 sisters(thank God!)

O. Oranges or Apples. Oranges. Navel ones

P. Phobias? Commitment.

Q. Quotes? If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love someone else?-Ru Paul

R. Reasons to smile?  My mother, my daughter, thinking about all the beautiful memeories with my brothers when we were children

S. Season of choice?Fall- It’s Bubba’s birthday in November and I love when the air becomes crisp and the leaves change colors. There’s nothing like Fall in New York!

T. Tag 5 People. Tara, Denene, Kavuli, Nikki, Sarah

U. Unknown fact about me? Life scares me.

V. Vegetable?carrots!!!

W. Worst habit? Nail biting and smoking cigarettes

X. Xray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound…I have good memories with them 😉

Y. Your favorite food? Bourbon Black and Bleu Burger from Applebees 

Z. Zodiac sign? Taurus…yes,it’s true that we are notoriously hard headed!

Amani’s Firsts


I was digging through one of myscrapbooks and I found part of a list of Bubba’s (Amani will now be referred to as such) firsts. When she was first born I wrote down all of her firsts,Yes, I was that dedicated,lol.

1)10/07/08-Bubba crawls on her own for the first time.

2)11/3/08- Bubba gets her first pair of walking shoes.She also got her first pair of Timberland boots (in black)

3)11/22/08-Bubba’s first birthday party and she walks unassisted across the living room thanks to some coaching by her uncle,L.

4)01/19/11-Bubba’s first time staying in the hospital. She spent six day at Jamaica Hospital for a UTI.

5)08/12/11-Bubba’s first dentist appointment

6)08/17/11- Bubba’s first time getting beads in her hair

7)08/29/11-Bubba’s first rain boots. They were light blue with pink and blue stars.

8)09/08/11- Bubba’s first day of school. She attended P.S./M.S 43 E.C.C and her teachers were Mrs Thompson and Mrs. Roberts.

9)09/23/11-Bubba’s first picture day. She had a nasty cold and a cranky attittude.I was sure the picture was gonna be horrible,but aside from the bit of snot coming out of her nose,they were beautiful

10/5/11-Bubba’s first school project.She had to do a family tree.


So there are some of Bubba’s first and I can’t wait to share more.Is anyone else this  anal about their childrens firsts? Please tell me I’m not alone!!!