Amani’s Firsts


I was digging through one of myscrapbooks and I found part of a list of Bubba’s (Amani will now be referred to as such) firsts. When she was first born I wrote down all of her firsts,Yes, I was that dedicated,lol.

1)10/07/08-Bubba crawls on her own for the first time.

2)11/3/08- Bubba gets her first pair of walking shoes.She also got her first pair of Timberland boots (in black)

3)11/22/08-Bubba’s first birthday party and she walks unassisted across the living room thanks to some coaching by her uncle,L.

4)01/19/11-Bubba’s first time staying in the hospital. She spent six day at Jamaica Hospital for a UTI.

5)08/12/11-Bubba’s first dentist appointment

6)08/17/11- Bubba’s first time getting beads in her hair

7)08/29/11-Bubba’s first rain boots. They were light blue with pink and blue stars.

8)09/08/11- Bubba’s first day of school. She attended P.S./M.S 43 E.C.C and her teachers were Mrs Thompson and Mrs. Roberts.

9)09/23/11-Bubba’s first picture day. She had a nasty cold and a cranky attittude.I was sure the picture was gonna be horrible,but aside from the bit of snot coming out of her nose,they were beautiful

10/5/11-Bubba’s first school project.She had to do a family tree.


So there are some of Bubba’s first and I can’t wait to share more.Is anyone else this  anal about their childrens firsts? Please tell me I’m not alone!!!

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