So with me being a SAHM, I haven’t really gotten into a routine.With Bubba becoming more independent, I find that I have longer stretches of time to do things that I need/want to do.

The only routine I have is a t.v. routine.Like 5 days out of the  week, I know what I’m going to be watching all day. I figured if I could give myself that kind of dedication for my favorite t.v. programming, then I can dedicate myself to a household routine, in which I’m making both me and Bubba more productive.

Alot of my motivation came from the Young Mom Summit- Tips To Make The Most out of Being A Stay-At-Home-Mom over at The Young Mommy Life. Bubba needs time set aside for learning activities and mommy time, and she also needs to take a break from me too,.Let’s face it, she loves me just as much as I do her but I know I get on her nerves,too.

I have at least a good two hours before Bubba wakes up in the morning and I think I can take that time to tidy up a bit ( or alot depending on how lazy I was the day before), get some writing done, and catch up with my Twitter/ Facebook timelines. Once breakfast for Bubba is out of the way, I can go ahead and give her about an hour or two for learning and creative play. The thing I love about Bubba is she is excellent with her computer skillls, so our laptop doubles as her fun zone and academic stuff.


Mommy N is sort of my partner in my parenting situation and she has no problem taking over responsibilities for Bubba when I get to my boiling point and need a cooling off period,(like right now as I’m writing this post)

I know there are going to be days when things will happen totally unexpectedly as it always does with motherhood. I just have to remember that I can get through it and not to take myself so seriously. I chose to be a SAHM for Bubba’s benefit and I have to learn how to adapt myself to a situation that I haven’t been in in awhile.


SAHM or Bust!

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  1. Being a SAHM is a tough gig. I do think having a routine helps. Otherwise I just don’t get things done…which leads to hectic evenings as I try to scramble to do chores, etc. Making sure to carve out some time for yourself is just so helpful. If I can have a cup of coffee in peace and maybe read a little of the paper, I feel ready to face the day! –Lisa


  2. Aside from nap time and eating, we don’t really have a schedule that we follow. I do try to make plans to get out of the house for play dates and stuff. Cabin fever sets in really quick for both the kids and me. I usually focus on house work when the kids are sleeping. You just have to find what works for you all. Making to-do lists could be helpful too in making sure you get everything you need done accomplished.


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