The Best 4th of July Ever


The best 4th of July I’ve ever spent was with my family in 2008. My brother was leaving for the Army a week later and I was determined that we would spend one last holiday together before everything changed

Mommy N had always taken us to Coney Island during the summer when we were children. This time, we only lived a couple of blocks away from the amusement park. The day started off with rain,which made me mad because I had bought Bubba a new bathing suit and I couldn’t use it. But I refused to let it get me down. Our tradition continued with park rides,arcade games,amd plenty of food. Bubba was 7 months old and her first ride was the carousel.

I’m glad we did that trip because since then so mich has changed. Some of the changes were good,some just downright tragic. But on this day,everything was …perfect!


The best moment in time!!!


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  1. I love family traditions. I’m glad that you all took advantage of the moment and enjoyed yourselves. Maybe, one day you can revive this tradition with Bubba.


  2. I’m a stickler for traditions. My children and I still do a lot of the traditions that my parents started. There’s nothing better than family traditions passed through the generations!


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