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Jamberry Nails:A Review


I love everything nails! I started doing my own nails when I was 19. I would buy about three colors at a time,take them home, and then try thrm all on. When I got tired of that masterpiece,I’d pick a brand new color palette. But I really wish I had some really bold prints and patterns without having to go to the nail salon where I’ll get charged thirty plus dollars for it. Surely,there has to be a middle ground.

Jamberry Nails is definitely the middle ground. There are over 250 designs and they offer something for every kind of woman. They even have Jamberry Juniors for children. The process of putting them on is fairly easy. All you need is a blow dryer,nail scissors and a nail file. The blow dryer applies heat tp the adhesive back of the design. Once you’ve fitted the design,cut off the excess and then file the hangers on. Apply some more heat so the nail can bond to the design. It may sound a little tedious but I imagine it will take no longer than 20 minutes. The designs are $15 for a ten finger design.

If you’re interested visit my girl,Lauren Irons at You can also call her at (917)655-7942. So ladies,spoil yourself with some jammin’ Jamberry Nails.


         Designs on my left hand


       Designs on my right hand



Old School Blogging: The Crazy Five Edition


Yay, amother meme! I could so get addicted to doing these. I got this one via The Sticky Mom. Enjoy!

Five Things I Have A Passion For
1) reading- I used to cut school just to go to the library…badass,right?
2)writing- wrote my first book when I was 9. It was like five chapters and was about the memebers of my family
3)blogging- I’ve gotten so much support and have talked to so many inspirational people
4)learning- I am like a sponge. Anything I am interested in, I HAVE to research it,thoroughly.
5) Denzel Washington- Been in love with him since I was 6. He is just so amazing on the screen and off.

Five Things I Would Like to Do Before I Die
1)Denzel Washington- HA!…I’m such a tramp.
2)host my own radio show- I love to talk to people and share ideas and advice. Plus,I’ve got a great radio voice.
3)relearn how to play the piano- I took lessons when I was 6, and then took it up in high school. I am pretty good at it and I love the way a piano sounds.
4)have a son- I already have a little girl and have a name picked out for a boy if the good Lord should ever bless me with one
5)wear my hair in an afro- my hair and I have issues but I want to one day be comfortable enough to just wear it as is.

Five Things I Say A lot
1)Knock it off!
4)I love you,Bubba.
5) Son of a biscuit!

Five Books and/or Magazines I Have Read Lately

1)You Are Not Alone Michael:Through A Brother’s Eyes by Jermaine Jackson- It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Any true MJ fan,should read it.
2)Decadence by Eric Jerome Dickey- For the naughty side of EVERY woman
3)The Education of Nia Simone Bijou by Eric Jerome Dickey- The prequel to #2
4)God Don’t Make No Mistakes by Mary Monroe- This book is #4 or 5 in a series of God Don’t…books
5)The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice- I am obssessed with everything by this woman!

Five Favorite Movies

1) The Temptations- my favorite biopic about famed Motown group,The Temptations
2)Night of the Living Dead(1969)- “They’re coming to get you,Barbara”.
3)Invasion of the BodySnatchers(the original)
4)From Dusk Til Dawn- Salma Hayek as a vampire stripper…YES!!!
5) Tombstone- Doc Holiday(Val Kilmer) is the original gangsta…period!

Five Places I Would Love To Travel To

1)New Orleans- Mardi Gras!!!
2)Detroit,Michigan- I want to visit the Hitsville USA Museum
3)North Carolina- I want to make memories with my father,who lives there with his mom
4)Jamaica- Bubba’s father is from there and I want her to know that part of her heritage
5)Disney World- Been wanting to go there since I was 7 years old

Five People I Invite To Do This Meme

1) Gloria @ Teen Mom NYC
2) Tara @ The Young Mommy Life
3)Sarah @ Overthinking Mama
4)Britton @My Big Beautiful Life
5)Kavuli @ Good Hair Diaries

This was so much fun and I hope you guys try it! If you do, leave the link to the post in the comments section.

Bubba’s Hair-y Situation


When Bubba was born, she had thick,jet black,and bone straight hair. I was surprised at the texture because it was silky soft,unlike my more wool textured hair. I was so glad that she wouldn’t have to deal with relaxers,blow dryers,or flar irons. I enjoyed endless hours of washing and combing her “perfect” hair into mohawks using only Johnson’s baby oil as a styler.
Then,she turned four months old. All of a sudden,I was dealing with tighter curls,and a coarser texture. Despite what many think about African American women, I can NOT braid hair. I started noticing that when I blew out her hair,she had a lovely afro so most days I did that or combed it out and put a little barette in the front. She looked cute with or without the barette, I just used it to make it clear to everyone else that she was a girl.
Bubba at 4 months old

When Bubba turned two years old,her hair texture changed again. It was similar to mine. Since I had no braiding skills,I kept her hair in ponytails. When she developed folliculitis (a scalp irritation caused by pulling the hair into tight ponytails/braids) I became more concerned about the overall health of Bubba’s hair.

I texturized Bubba’s hair when she was three. The hair at the back of her head had gotten a little matted because it was a constant struggle to comb her hair on a regular basis so I thought texturizing would help unravel the hair and make it easier to to comb. It did help a little but I still had concerns about the constant dryness and unmanagability. She dreaded getting her hair combed and I dreaded it just as much. I knew there had to be a way to solve our problem.
Bubba’s infamous ponytails at age 2.

When I made the decision to go the natural route, I figured alot of the things I learned about my hair would also apply to Bubba’s. So now that I am.armed with knowledge about her hair texture and what works well for it,wash day goes alot smoother and the results I’m seeing is hair that stays moisturized,has started retaining length,and is much more manageable. Plus, I’ve learned to style it in cute bantu knots(my favorite) and twistouts.There’s also been a change in Bubba. She loves wash day now because she knows that after it gets washed,conditioned,and moisturized,I’m going to turn it into a lovely brunette creation. She loves her afro which to me translates to she loves her hair. Eventually,I’ll tackle braids,but right now I’m content that Bubba doesn’t feel self concious about her hair the way I did when I was her age and still am now. To me, getting Bubba to accept herself for what she is is the most important thing.

Bubba’s crowning glory now

Life Imitating Art


I have been a fan of author Eric Jerome Dickey’s for almost ten years. His words about,love sex,and life from an African American perspective have always resonated with me. He doesn’t cast his characters as “cheap hoods“ or “gold diggin’ baby mamas“ or “side chicks“ like alot of today’s black literature. He makes them CEOs of companies or well off entrepeneurs and gives their lives a complexity that I love. I finished his most recent work, Decadence last week and I absolutely fell in love with his main character,Nia Simone Bijou.
She is a self made woman who lives her life the way she wants. She doesn’t bend to any man’s will but that’s not to say she’s some sort of feminist man hater. Nia makes it crystal clear how she feels about sex and relationships With my current love life being in the dumps, I have been thinking alot about what kind of relationship I want and how I feel about myself in relationships. Nia sums up what I feel in this monologue:

“I crave love. I am human, and love I do need because love fuels us,but with the fear that resides in my heart,and now,not now,but lately,very lately,realizing I have an unhealed wound, I can’t cathect love,can’t invest emotional energy into something so wonderful,yet so destructive. And that does not mean that I don’t believe in love. Sure, it could work forever,but the odds are that it will eventually expire. I am an artist. I am a writer. I am fickle… I am underrated and yet people expect too much. I am restless. I am not a woman who feels that she is put on earth to seek out a husband,but one day i will and know that in the end he will suffer…I am outrageous in private and yet I am at times,shy in public. Take me as I am. Accept me as I am. Take my fears. This is me“.
                            – Nia Simone Bijou
                           from Decadence by Eric Jerome Dickey

Love,Oh Love,Stop Making A Fool of Me


I’ve always been a sucker for love. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve believed in romance,Prince Charming,and happily ever after. I am motivated to find Mr. Right because I know he’s out there.

Growing up, I never got to see an example of true love.Mommy N was never in a serious relationship until she married my stepfather. Before him she NEVER had a revolving door of men around my brother and I  because she respected us. When I got older, she told me of a true love she had when she was younger. The man she was in love with was killed on the night he proposed marriage to her. I think from that point on,she gave up on love. My stepfather was a decent man and he seemed to be in love with Mommy N,but she wasn’t in love with him. After only two months of marriage they went their separate ways. I think Mommy N married him so L and I would have a father in our lives.

Mommy A was married at 17 to a man 30 years her senior. She was completely in love with him and vice versa. The lived in wedded bliss for four years. After Mommy A gave birth to my oldest brother she left her husband for her addiction. He died 7 months ago and she took it hard. Even though she left him,she was still in love with him and I watched her regret ever leaving him.

My first experience with love was Amani’s father. I was 17 years old when I fell for him,but in retrospect I think I just wanted attention from anyone because I wasn’t getting it at home. As a result of that, I have Bubba, whom I love to pieces!

To be honest, I’ve had a string of lovers and two serious relationships. In those relationships, I’ve noticed that I put up a wall. I am scared to give a man my heart because I don’t want to become a cautionary tale like my mothers.

I know what kind of man I want in my life. I know that I’m not ready to be a wife but I am looking for long term stability. I have been involved with someone off and on for about 5 years and even when we weren’t “together”, he was there for me. He puts up with all of my family drama,which would drive most guys away. He encourages me to do my best,and even though I’ve dated another guy,he STILL loves me. I don’t want to lose him but he’s so much more stable in his life than I am. He works, takes great care of his children,and stands on his own two feet. I just want to be able to be equal to him,because I can definitely see myself being with him forever.

Do you think I’m being paranoid in thinking I’ll wind up like my mothers? Should I go ahead and be with the  guy before I lose him for good or wait until I’m more stable in my life?