Old School Blogging: The Crazy Five Edition


Yay, amother meme! I could so get addicted to doing these. I got this one via The Sticky Mom. Enjoy!

Five Things I Have A Passion For
1) reading- I used to cut school just to go to the library…badass,right?
2)writing- wrote my first book when I was 9. It was like five chapters and was about the memebers of my family
3)blogging- I’ve gotten so much support and have talked to so many inspirational people
4)learning- I am like a sponge. Anything I am interested in, I HAVE to research it,thoroughly.
5) Denzel Washington- Been in love with him since I was 6. He is just so amazing on the screen and off.

Five Things I Would Like to Do Before I Die
1)Denzel Washington- HA!…I’m such a tramp.
2)host my own radio show- I love to talk to people and share ideas and advice. Plus,I’ve got a great radio voice.
3)relearn how to play the piano- I took lessons when I was 6, and then took it up in high school. I am pretty good at it and I love the way a piano sounds.
4)have a son- I already have a little girl and have a name picked out for a boy if the good Lord should ever bless me with one
5)wear my hair in an afro- my hair and I have issues but I want to one day be comfortable enough to just wear it as is.

Five Things I Say A lot
1)Knock it off!
4)I love you,Bubba.
5) Son of a biscuit!

Five Books and/or Magazines I Have Read Lately

1)You Are Not Alone Michael:Through A Brother’s Eyes by Jermaine Jackson- It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Any true MJ fan,should read it.
2)Decadence by Eric Jerome Dickey- For the naughty side of EVERY woman
3)The Education of Nia Simone Bijou by Eric Jerome Dickey- The prequel to #2
4)God Don’t Make No Mistakes by Mary Monroe- This book is #4 or 5 in a series of God Don’t…books
5)The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice- I am obssessed with everything by this woman!

Five Favorite Movies

1) The Temptations- my favorite biopic about famed Motown group,The Temptations
2)Night of the Living Dead(1969)- “They’re coming to get you,Barbara”.
3)Invasion of the BodySnatchers(the original)
4)From Dusk Til Dawn- Salma Hayek as a vampire stripper…YES!!!
5) Tombstone- Doc Holiday(Val Kilmer) is the original gangsta…period!

Five Places I Would Love To Travel To

1)New Orleans- Mardi Gras!!!
2)Detroit,Michigan- I want to visit the Hitsville USA Museum
3)North Carolina- I want to make memories with my father,who lives there with his mom
4)Jamaica- Bubba’s father is from there and I want her to know that part of her heritage
5)Disney World- Been wanting to go there since I was 7 years old

Five People I Invite To Do This Meme

1) Gloria @ Teen Mom NYC
2) Tara @ The Young Mommy Life
3)Sarah @ Overthinking Mama
4)Britton @My Big Beautiful Life
5)Kavuli @ Good Hair Diaries

This was so much fun and I hope you guys try it! If you do, leave the link to the post in the comments section.

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  1. It sort of feels like you shouldn’t get in trouble for cutting school if you are at the library.

    I would love to relearn how to play the piano, too. A couple of years of lessons when I was a kid didn’t cut it…and I wasn’t serious about learning it back then.


  2. Oh my gosh, I say “Son of a Biscuit” ALL the time too! I didn’t think anyone else said that… ha ha! And your #1 for things to do before you die cracked me up! 😀

    Thanks for linking up!


  3. I didn’t know that Jermaine had written a book about Michael! Thanks for the heads up. And “son of a biscuit” is truly funny!


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