Jamberry Nails:A Review

I love everything nails! I started doing my own nails when I was 19. I would buy about three colors at a time,take them home, and then try thrm all on. When I got tired of that masterpiece,I’d pick a brand new color palette. But I really wish I had some really bold prints and patterns without having to go to the nail salon where I’ll get charged thirty plus dollars for it. Surely,there has to be a middle ground.

Jamberry Nails is definitely the middle ground. There are over 250 designs and they offer something for every kind of woman. They even have Jamberry Juniors for children. The process of putting them on is fairly easy. All you need is a blow dryer,nail scissors and a nail file. The blow dryer applies heat tp the adhesive back of the design. Once you’ve fitted the design,cut off the excess and then file the hangers on. Apply some more heat so the nail can bond to the design. It may sound a little tedious but I imagine it will take no longer than 20 minutes. The designs are $15 for a ten finger design.

If you’re interested visit my girl,Lauren Irons at laurensjamminnails.jamberrynails.net. You can also call her at (917)655-7942. So ladies,spoil yourself with some jammin’ Jamberry Nails.


         Designs on my left hand


       Designs on my right hand



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  1. Those are really pretty. The chevron is so cool. I love doing my nails too 🙂


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