Too Cool for…1st grade?


With all the sadness & grief floating around my house right now,I forgot to update you all on my one bright spot:Bubba!

When September came,I registered Bubba for 1st grade. The secretary who registered her was surprised that I wasn’t her in kindergarten being that she didn’t attend it the previous school year. I was certain that she could handle 1st grade because she’s…well…MY baby. In my head, it stood to reason she would do fine carrying my smart genes. Yeah,that didn’t quite work out. I have to admit she struggled with homework but I just figured she needed a chance to get used to the routine. Plus, my mom had passed away three days after school started and with planning her funeral,Bubba was in and out of school for a few weeks.

But then things seemed to straighten themselves out. I got a letter from Bubba’s school saying her current class was too large and some of the children were struggling. A new class would be formed,made of both kindergarteners and first graders. I didn’t like the idea at first but it was going to happen anyway. Bubba was put into the kindergarten half of this new class& given a new teacher. At first, I was offended. How dare that school try to say my baby can’t handle 1st grade? *pounds chest like King Kong* Whew…lemme calm down.

The Lord whispered in my ear to sit down and shutup,so I did. And what happened next was wonderful. Bubba’s homework became so much easier because it was on the level she could handle instead of the one I thought she should be on. There were less fights during homework time. She really likes her teacher,Mrs.S,and hugs her at pickup time. She’s made friends(and one hater)and has stopped crying during drop off. I can now say she’s a happy student.

I’m glad that I listened to God’s voice. Yes, I have standards for Amani’s education but I have lowered them a bit because that’s just not where she is. I am very proud of her progress. I always say she is a smart child and I have to trust in that. If I doubt her,she’ll doubt herself.

Her school also offers a website for their students. It’s a review of what they’re learning at school and offers the parents a chance to play teacher at home. I love that because I plan on being hands on the entire school year. It started off rocky but I expect to finish strong!


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  1. So glad to hear everything worked out! I know I have a lot ahead of me as my twins head into Kindergarten next year. I’m not looking forward to all of it:-(


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