From my Personal Diary – At 4am


Dated:August 18,2013

I’m up at 4:30 am and I have to say I like this time. Everyone is asleep and things feel all dark and mysterious. I can think clearly and watch my t.v.(Frasier is always on at this time) and not worry about anyone calling me for anything. I think about Bubba and I miss her even though she sleeps right across the kitchen in her granny’s room.

I walk around my room and I’ll pick up her latest favorite doll. I smile as I think about the giggles the doll illicits from her. I put it down and go use the bathroom. While I’m on the toilet,I think about what I m going to do that day. Some more reading,a movie for Bubba and me. I go outside and watch the moon start to make a desent. The crickets are still out. The air is starting to change and I grin because I’ve missed the crisp fall air. I struggle to put my ciggy out,head back to my room,and tuck myself in just as the I Love Lucy theme song begins.


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