My Take on MTV’s Teen Mom


I have been watching Teen Mom since the beginning. When it aired, I think I was 19. I finally got to see a show where I was represented. Alot of people assume that when you are a teen mom, you automatically live with your mom(who everyone assumes is a single mom& that’s why you got knocked up), that your life is over& that you have no daddy for your baby. Although I have seen that on Teen Mom, I’ve also seen evidence to the contrary. I’ve seen moms living on their own(whether it be with the child’s father or alone),I’ve seen them juggle school,work& baby. I’ve seen them become adult women. Maybe they shouldn’t have become teen moms, but their lives are FAR from over.

The show has gotten alot of flack for exploiting these girls and airing their meltdowns and various struggles. To those people I say “Bah, humbug”. I’m glad that the good & bad is shown. Motherhood is hard for every woman who has ever done it, whether they were 17 or 47. Plus, it shows other teens exactly what they will be signing up for if they decide they want to become parents. My brother asked me the other night why I still watch Teen Mom when I’m 24 years old and no longer a teen. My response was “I watch it because it shows me where I used to be. These girls,in alot of ways,are me. It makes want to support all of them and I thank God for how far I’ve come”. It as simple as that.

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  1. My husband is always amazed I watch Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant. I told him it is hands down the most sobering birth control and every 16 year old should be required to watch what happens to your freedom and the plans you had for your life.


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