From my Personal Diary- Happy Birthday,King of Pop

August 29,2013

Today would have been Michael Jackson’s 55th birthday.I’m reminded of when I first fell in love deep admiration for him. I was 13 years old and Mommy N,L,and I were watching his 30th anniversary special. There were alot of performers singing his hits but the real magic started when he got on stage.

He was in his 40s so I was aware he was “past his prime”. Or so the media kept insisting. That’s not what I saw. I saw pure magic on that stage. I saw a man who had (beyond a shadow of a doubt) been blessed with a true gift of music. He lived it and I saw it. From that day,I was hooked. Mommy N said Michael had been around forever and that she had loved him too when he was in the Jackson 5. I didn’t care about her experience with him because she didn’t connect with him like I did.

He was obviously different. I knew all about all the things people,newspapers,and t.v said about about “Wacko Jacko” and maybe some of it had merit. When Michael opened his mouth,I heard his soul. I heard how he was saddened by what people thought but how he could’nt help who he was. I was 13 so of course I felt misunderstood by everyone in my life. But that feeling went on into adulthood. And Michael was there.

No,I am not some crazed superfan. I’m just a woman who is a bit complicated and found the theme song to that. Michael,like myself,was a kindred spirit to complications and made music for others who felt the same. Happy Birthday,Michael.

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