It’s Your Turn,Lord


As I mentioned before, my mother was very educated when it came to the Bible and her spirituality. I have a large suitcase of hers with nothing but spiritual literature. I was going through some of her books and I found a poem that spoke to me so much that I read it at her funeral. It reminded me if how my mom always said  that anything you want in this life is yours if you give it to the Lord.

It’s Your Turn,Lord
By Linda Evans Shepherd

I found my dream and held it tight
And prayed for wings to give it flight
But yet it stayed earthbound with me.
Because I did not set it free

Although I held it to my heart
Somehow it seemed to fall apart
“Oh Lord,” I cried unhappily
“Why did you take my dream from me?”

“My child, your dream is incomplete
Until you lay it at my feet
Unless you give your dream to me,
It cannot find its destiny”

I knew I had to let it go
For I had nothing left to show
Until my dream was in His hands
I could not see His plan so grand

Let the church say “Amen!”

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