The Conference

Yesterday was Bubba’s parent/teacher conference. I went by myself,despite Mommy N’s claim that she would go with me. I seem to be doing alot of Bubba’s school activities alone. Mommy A used to get excited right along with me when I would come home and talk about Bubba’s school activities. Now,there’s no one to get excited with…

Bubba’s teacher thanked me for being so thorough with her homework. She said that Bubba is right where she needs to be. She keeps up with the other children well and tries her best at everything. Unfortunately, kindergarten does not receive an official report card in the state of New York until January. I did receive a progress report and Bubba is definitely like me…she HATES Math and has a hard time grasping the concepts which I suspect is the cause of her disdain for the subject. She also had trouble with syllables.But Mrs. s told me not to worry, she’ll get it.

I think Mrs. S sensed I was worried about Bubba and she grabbed my hand and told me  she could tell Bubba is a happy child. She admitted that the work load for kindergarteners is very tough and its changed alot over the years. I believe they are being prepped to take those standardized tests which the school chancellor has admitted is harder.

Anyway, overall I was pleased with everything I heard and it was nice to meet Bubba’s teacher because Bubba says she really loves her and anyone she loves I have to get to know better!

What has your experience been like at parent/teacher conferences? What do you think of the higher standards being set by the B.O.E?

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  1. Alecia says:

    I have always had great experiences with parent/teacher conferences so far. My daughter is in 2nd grade and my son is in Kindergarten. I am still not sure what I think of common core or all the “test” the kids are expected to take. I’m disappointed that all the teaching is geared towards the test and other life skills and topics seem to be thrown away. I will say that I think more than ever now, parents have to pick up the slack at home and really help their kids get to the levels necessary to score well on the test and sometimes that is a real challenge if both parents work.


    1. mommyincolor says:

      I understand that it can be challenging to help the kiddies at home if both parents work but its not impossible. My point of this post is to encourage ALL parents to be involved because there is so much on our babies’ shoulders. Let’s do it!


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