Contradiction- Part One

Another piece my friend,Frankie. Give it some thought and let me know what you think.

While the ghettos of America are filled woth terrible things like poverty and violence,the mindset of the young people living there are especially scary. One of the biggest epidemics that have been spread through the ‘hood, is the contradiction of being “real” and beong “fake”. Let’s look at this story.
A young gangbanger,who goes by the name of Cash,had a disagreement with a young recruit. Cash, feeling disrespected by being “stepped to” by someone he didn’t see as real,hit the recruit in the mouth. He followed up by.knocking the boy tp the ground and repeatedly kicking him.
Now why would Cash react with sich agression against his own gang member? Most likely because he needed to be seen as real in the eyes of his homies. It is seen as real for someone to ne overly agressive in any dispute now in order to maintain credibility. A fake would walk away or choose not to fight. On the other hand, some would see Cash as a “wild&loose” gang member who is wrong for his actions. The only problem with this is too often the people who say he overreacted are the same who would have said “I would’ ve hit him if I was Cash” had Cash chosen the path of non violence.
Until the ‘hood can conform as to what us respectable there will be too many confused young men out there who simply know that they want to be real.

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