What’s in a Name?


This is the prompt from November 7th:
If you had to switch your first name,what name would you choose and why?

If I had to change my first name,I think I’d change it to Lorelei. To me, it sounds very free spirited and would be the name of a beautiful,red headed, ethereal fairy. Apparently, it’s a German name and meant both a rocky cliff on the Rhine river and it also was the name of a fairy tail creature whose singing lured men to destruction.

I like these meanings because it means I am strong,solid,and unmovable. I’d have the power of persuasion,and I’d be a pretty good singer. If I’m only changing my first name and keeping my middle names,I’d be Lorelei Lauren Marie. It could be a bit of a tongue twister but I like the way it sounds. Maybe I’ll use it as a pen name in the future…

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