Party Over Here

Today was Bubba’s 6th birthday party. I have to tell you, it almost didn’t happen. I was torn about doing it because I didn’t have enough money to give her the big bash she deserved. We were unable to throw her a 5th party last year and I wanted to make up for it this year. Plus, my family is still grieving over the sudden loss of my mother.
My adopted mom has been wrapped up in her grief,I didnt want to seem insensitive to that. My real mom’s birthday was the 7th and we all felt like we were starting the grief process all over again. I was really conflicted. Then,Mommy told me that she would be up to helping celebrate Bubna’s birthday,despite how heavy her heart felt.

So, we got her a fabulous cake and surprised her after school. Tomorrow is her actual birthday and we might be spending it with her father *gasp*




Any November birthdays in your family?

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