American Horror Story: My Interpretation


I have become a big fan of the American Horror Story series. I just wrapped up the third season( AHS:Coven) which was the first season I watched of the show.For the last few days,I’ve been catching up with Season One.I don’t want to give it away for those of you who may not have seen it,but I’ll give a brief synopsis for you.

A family moves into a beautiful but old house that has a dark history behind it.I know,I know, it sounds like a lot of other movies but it does have its own twist on it.I won’t go into detail about it but the sad thing about it was that anyone who dies on the house’s premises is stuck there( their spirit is,not their body) and they are forced to watch other people make memories there. I watch a couple other shows about ghosts and hauntings( Paranormal Witness, Celebrity Ghost Stories,My Ghost Story,The Haunting Of…) and it is widely believed that when people die  of a violent death or with unresolved issues,their spirit remains in the place where they died.Sometimes they know they are no longer living,sometimes they don’t.

This made me think of my mother.She did not die a violent death but she and I did have unresolved issues and she passed away in my home.Sometimes I feel her  in the house.Nothing weird or spooky ever happens,but sometimes I’ll be washing dishes and I can feel her staring at me from the couch,like she did when she was alive.Or when I’m in my room, I feel her staring at me from the doorway silently like she did before.I wonder if she watches me as I go about my day.

Does she see me when I am laughing and playing with her granddaughter?Does she hear me and X reminiscing about her bad singing and strange taste in movies?Does she comfort me when I mourn her? Is she proud of the fact that I am trying to set a good example for X?Did she feel the pride I felt when Bubba recited her MLK speech? Does she know I regret every mean or hurtful thing I ever said/did to her? I wonder…


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