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The Love Blanket


I’m sure most moms have that one item from their child’s baby days that they just can’t part with.I’ve seen these things vary among my mom friends: a pacifier,a shoe, a lock of hair,etc.Well for me,its a baby blanket.

I remember getting the blanket as a babu shower gift although I don’t remember who gave it to me.After Bubba was born I used it as soon as I bought her home from the hospital.I’ve used it to keep her warm in her crib,to wrap her up in after a bath.It’s been peed,pooped,and thrown up on.I’ve let her wrap her baby dolls up in it and walk around the house with.

Recently, I threw out the majority of Bubba’s too small clothes and I ran across the blanket.I couldn’t believe I still had it after all these years and I didn’t need it,so I tossed it in the garbage pile. Then I remembered when Bubba got her first cold at two months old. She was so fussy and miserable and I was overcome with guilt.How can I have let her catch a cold?Who does that? Anyway, her nose was running and she looked so pitiful,I took a corner of the blanket and swiped at her nose with it.

While thinking about that I came to the conclusion that I did need the blanket.I needed it for when she’s 16 and decides I’m not cool anymore and I need a reminder of the little girl who couldn’t get enough of me. I’ll need it when she moves out and I need to look at something that is proof that she was there.I’ll need it when she has her own daughter and I hold my granddaughter for the first time.


The Curly Girl Method: An Experiment


I am so late discovering the Curly Girl Method.Its been causing a bit of a buzz in the natural hair care community for years,but I’m late to the party.(Don’t judge me,I’ve only been transitioning since 2012.)Let me give you a little background on what it is and what it entails.

Lorraine Massey is the creator of the Curly Girl Method. She wrote a hadbook of sorts,called Cury Girl and has two hair salons,Devachan here in New York City.I find her method very interesting as it eliminates the use of shampoo.There is a modified version of it,called “low-poo”,where only sulfate free shampoos are used. After doing some research sans the handbook,here are what I think are the most important factors I got from it:

1)NO SHAMPOO: They contain silicones and surfactants,which are very harsh.They are excellent grease removers and they are in your dishwashing liquid.Your hair is not a bowl or a pot,ladies.Conditioners have mildet surfactants that will get rid of dirt and buildup just as good as shampoo. To detect silicones, look for ingredients that end in -cone, -conol, and -xane.The ONLY safe silicones are.ones that are preceded by PEG or PPG.
2) NO COMBING/BRUSHING ON DRY HAIR: Use paper towels,a microfiber towel or a t shirt for drying.They will dry the hair but leave it damp enough to comb or brush.Be gentle when doing this and if you can’t,use your fingers.

3)THE CONDITIONERS YOU USE:Apart from being silicone free the conditioner you use should have at least one of the following:
A) emollients- shea butter,vegetable oils,wheat germ,olive or walnut oils

B)proteins- wheat,wheat germ,soy protein

C) humectants- panthenol,vegetable glycerin,sorbitol
D)moisturizers- amino acids and aloe vera

I realize this is alot to remember but that’s why it’s an experiment.Most experiments have challenges and I’m up for a good challenge.I’m going to try this for Diva because to be honest,I am a lazy natural.Eliminating shampoo out of my routine is one less thing for me to do,so its a plus. I want to start this experiment the week after my 25th birthday in May( the 8th is my birthday and I’ll start this experiment on the 12th).This will give me more time to research CGM a little more, get the products I can use,and get rid of the ones that I can’t. I’m really excited about this and I’ll be documenting everything about it right here.


Always Something There To Remind Me


This is a post inspired by today’sDaily Prompt. Hope you’ll be listening to your favorite songs while reading this!
My playlist is filled with songs that bring up both good and bad memories or evoke strong emotions that I’m currently dealing with or have dealt with. I think its important to listen to the songs that bring bad memories so I’m reminded of where I’ve used to be and where I am now.Here are four of the songs that are constantly on repeat and why.

1)Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds- Everyone knows this song as the theme song to the movie The Breakfast Club.However,I automatically am reminded of my ex boyfriend. Remember the scene where Molly Ringwald put her diamond earring in Judd Nelson’s hand? Well, my ex did the same thing with his earring while we were watching that scene.It was the sweetest thing he’d ever done for me. Unfortunately, like the relationship, the earring is aslo lost.I lost it before we broke up,so maybe that was a sign.
Fave Lyric: “Slow change may pull us apart,when the light gets into your heart”

2)For The Good Times by Al Green- In my opinion,Al Green was an expert at making a song that just made you want to rip your heart out and give it to your ex. For me,I think about two events in my life:the last time my family spent the day together at Coney Island and accepting my mother’s death.
Fave Lyric: “Don’t look so sad, I know its over.But life goes on and this world keeps on turning.Let’s just be glad we had this time to spend together”.

3)Got To Be There by Michael Jackson- Any true MJ fan had that ONE song that defines that one person or situation in their lives.Every time I hear this song,I think of Bubba.When I had to leave her to work,she would sometimes cry for me to stay home and I wanted to.I had to remind myself that I was working to provide for her.At the same time, I didn’t want to miss any part of her growing up.It was a “damned if I do,damned if I don’t” situation.
Fave Lyric: “Cause when I look in her eyes, I realize I need her sharing her world beside me”

4)My Girl by The Temptations- My grandfather used to sing this song to my grandmother when he’d done something wrong and wanted to get back in her good graces.I like to think its about me,because my birth month is mentioned, lol
Fave Lyric: “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day.When its cold outside,I’ve got the month of May”