Monthly Archives: May 2014

Let The Experiment Begin!


So, as promised I have started my Curly Girl Method experiment. I used shampoo for the LAST (hopefully) time on Monday. FYI,  I used Shea Moisture Coconut/Hibiscus Curl and Shine Shampoo. Its sulfate,silicone,and paraben free but I still felt it was tough enough to clean the product build up on Diva. As always, it delivered.

The part that I guess is going to be hardest for me is limiting my comb usage. I will be relying heavily on the my fingers for detangling and styling. I also am going to have a bit of a hard time with picking out products that are silicone free. I don’t look at labels when buying my products,  I usually just go by the reviews of fellow hair bloggers. If they say its all natural an I’m in the mood to try something new (which is always) its coming home with me. To start me off,  I am going to use As I Am Coconut Cowash, Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Extra Moisture Transitioning Milk and Tropic Isle Living Coconut Black Castor Oil.
I used to watch my hair faithfully every week but in the last six months or so, I’ve dropped down to once or twice a month. I am going to go back to my weekly routine and also my monthly hot oil treatment and my monthly protein conditioner treatments.

I will change the products I use for the experiment every month for the next six months because I think it takes at least two weeks to start seeing results with most products. The experiment will conclude on November 12,2014. I invite all of you to tell me about your experiences with the CG method!