Hair’em, Scare Em

Hey y’all I know I’ve been a ghost for about…uh, yeah. Anyway,  I didn’t have Denzel #7 (that’s my phone’s name, stop the judgement) with me for a time. Its been returned to me and I can get on with blogging and such.

So, let’s talk about what my hurr and wat its doing….nothing. Stop side eyeing the screen, m’kay?  I am an admitted lazy-as-hell natural and I thought that becoming a CG (curly girl) natural would take up less time anc products. I have many products an it turns out that I can only use four of them on Diva.Say what,now?! I guess I didn’t consider that my products were CG friendly. They aren’t a complete waste because they work for Bubba’s hair. Not only I really have to labels (which sucks because i can’t remember all those scientific names for chemicals) but CG method has its own set of rules about co washing, moisturizing, drying, and styling. Please Lord, stop the madness!!!

I’m not giving up folks. I am going to customize the CG Method to suit Diva. The rules set by the CG method will abdolutely work for some naturals, but I know its not happening for me.

I’m going through some serious withdrawals. I ADORE my SHEA MOISTURE Curl& Shine shampoo and I really shouldn’t be using iy anymore. If I modify CGM, I can but I’m determined to stick to the no poo. When I use it on Bubba’s I turn emerald green with envy lol. My one styler I can use is my ECO Styler gel. If I had to give that up, this whole CGM would be a bust. Gel gives me that chic bitch-on-wheels high bun.

Anyway, a bit of good news…I’m taking the natural hair care section of Mommy In Color and taking it to another blog. Yes, I’ve decided to keep parenting and hair care seperate. I like to read those topics desperate and I can’t get upset when they are put in the same blog if I’m doing the same thing.I’ll have more details for you soon but this is going to be there LAST mention of hair care on Mommy In Color. See ya soon!

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