My New Baby


I’ve been telling everyone within earshot about my new little girl, Puma. Strange name for a girl, right? It isn’t because Puma is our kitten. Yes, I am a pet owner folks. I am in love all over again.
The backstory: Puma’s mom is a beautiful stray that lives on our porch. We never took her in for a variety of reasons but mostly because we are unsure  of what health issues she may have and they would probably be expensive to treat. She has been pregnant several times and a lot of her kittens died because they were mostly born in the winter months. My family tried to do our best to protect them from the brutal New York cold but she kept hiding them all over so we couldn’t get to them in time: ( She has two surviving litters and her last one is where Puma came from (side note: she is pregnant again and we think this is her sixth or seventh pregnancy) Puma is one of six from her litter and she’s also one of four girls.


She was born in late June and we have decided to make June 21st her official birthday. Its easy to remember because its my mom’s birthday. No, she isn’t too thrilled about sharing a birthday with a cat but that’s her problem. What first drew me to her was her feisty spirit. One day during breastfeeding with her siblings,she couldn’t find a comfortable spot to settle into. She became frustrated and started kicking and punching her siblings out of the way. We found it hilarious, especially my mom who has a fighting spirit as well. I knew right then I had to have her but I didn’t want to snatch her from her mom while she was still supplying milk.
The super of my house bought the kittens to my front door in a plastic container a few weeks later and this fur ball with blue eyes completely stole my heart. I was ill equipped to take her so I asked my super to give me a couple weeks to get what she needed (and to beg my mom to go against the lease and let me have her).


Once Puma came into my home, the depressing and gloomy air surrounding my family seemed to lift a little. Aside from being ridiculously cute, she had so much energy and life. At first, I was cautious to let her run around the house but as she started growing and getting comfortable, I gave her free reign.

Her favorite thing to do is attack feet. No one is off limits, either. She nips at toes and then runs when you chase her. Her favorite toys are ear buds, plastic bags (of which she’s gotten stuck in a couple times), and my house keys. She sleeps in the weirdest places(never her own bed)like window sills, under beds, on side tables, in empty boxes, and inside bureau drawers (my personal favorite)

I used to allow her daily interaction with her mother but then she became infested with fleas so that had to end.


Fleas are nuisance and we are treating them with Front line Plus. Other than that she is healthy as a horse…I mean cat. I have clipped her nails a little to prevent furniture tearing(she doesnt but my mom is paranoid about it) and I brush her fur daily, give her dental treats and give her a good shampoo and condition once a month.

The biggest reward of having Puma is how my mother had fallen in love with her. She us still struggling with the loss if her sister and when Puma runs in her room, she takes my mom’s mind off her pain and I am so grateful for that. My mom found an unlikely companion in this four month old kitten and for me, that’s a blessing!


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  1. Aww, yay for Puma! I’m glad she made her way into your family. It seems like she’s well and welcomed. My boyfriend has 3 cats, they are all brothers & he couldn’t split them up. They are really funny at times too. I’m stopping by from sits & I hope you guys are having a great day.


  2. You had me at Puma. Oh, I just love this – on so many levels! Puma reminds me of our gray tabby, Ralphie. I was doing Americorps back in 2009 and we found him in a power box. The Humane Society couldn’t take him or his siblings and informed us he would be euthanized. I already had three cats, but alas, I wasn’t going to let anything happen to that bundle of cuteness. 🙂
    And, well…now we’re down to two kitties, but the two we have are both rescues and so is our temperamental doggie…but we love them all. ❤

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