Diva: A January Update

A little bit about what my hair is doing: it’s actually gotten thicker since I started using Tropic Isle Living’s JBCO.  I put it in EVERYTHING (shampoo, conditioner, leave in, and moisturizer ). Even my rough patch has a little length on it.  I’m still struggling with making DC a part of my routine. I did acquire a DC that takes about three minutes to do.  On my lazy days, I use it as directed on the jar but when I know Diva needs extra attention, I add an egg and mayo let it  stay in for 45 minutes.

I think Diva is making okay progress but I want to boost its health and growth by getting it professionally cut.  I have a split end problem and I usually trim my ends every 8 weeks.  I have NO idea if I’m doing it correctly so it’s time to take Diva to a professional.  It’s tax season and along with lowering some bills, I’m going  to take care of me too.  Diva also has a breakage problem. My staple protein conditioner is ORS Hair Mayo  but I believe it’s deemed a “light protein ” conditioner,so I’m in the market for something a little stronger. Obviously, it will still only be used monthly. I started using a new moisturizer. It’s Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk. I’ll do a review on that soon.

I have jumped on the bandwagon and started using a hair supplement. I’m using Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin& Nails vitamins. There are so many of these vitamin brands out there, with the most popular being Hairfinity. I just started them last week so it’s not much to go on right now as far as results. The company promises that you’ll start to see results by the 30 day mark and in mid February, I’ll review it with pics!


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  1. Kimberly D says:

    I purchased JBCO and EDEN peppermint oil spray. I am natural and my daughter has relaxed hair. OMG I have breakage and complete down to scalp loss from the back of my ear down to neck on both sides and a patch about the size of a quarter at the front of my hair. My daughter has a large size patch of hair the soize of the bottom of a storage bowl of hair missing and I am not sure we had this result and I cant tell if it ws the JBCO or peppermint spray. I dont want to believe that the JBCO did this but I relly dont know which one did. It looks like some of the before pics of peoples hair loss B4 they use JBCO. What do you think? I am going to try Alphogee to strengthen hair because I have all these ringlets in my sink and shower now and NEVEr had that much loss of hair before


    1. mommyincolor says:

      I’d suggest leaving both the JBCO and peppermint oil alone for awhile and seeing what happens with the hair growth. It sounds like maybe a visit to the doctor would be in order if you can’t find the source of the hair loss, which sounds extreme.


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