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2015 Hair Regimen/Staples


I could have sworn I did a post on my 2015 hair stuff, but then I realized I had merely drafted it.  Sorry. Let’s jump right into it.
I am an admitted lazy natural so I don’t like messing with my hair every day.  I love my braid outs and try to preserve them for a few days before throwing it in a ponytail. To do that, I simply mix my favorite oil( JBCO in the winter, EVOO in the summer) and a curl definer /styler ( my favorite  product to use to get the curl I want is ECO Styler gel). I rarely use water at night because I feel like I will just wind up with a frizzball in the morning. I just take my wet hands through my hair after I take down the braids the next day.

Getting up the strength to go through my wash day routine is just… ugh. However, I do try to get it together every two weeks. I love my Shea Moisture shampoos but they take a huge chunk out of my wallet. So, I’ve started using Bubba’s favorite brand: Alberto VO5. Her favorite one is the Moisture Milks collection in strawberry milkshake and I love it too. My other favorite one is a mint one(can’t remember the actual name and I don’t have an empty to refer to) that I stumbled on. I also use the conditioner that goes with it and like most VO5 products it has good slip.

I’m currently using Creme of Nature with Argan Oil leave in conditioner and my oil of choice is JBCO. The cream I Lloovvee to use is ORSon HAIRepair anti breakage creme or ORS HAIRepair Intense moisture creme. I wish the jar was bigger because I use it at least daily. Finally after LOC’ing I will either do four to six big braids so I can comb it easily into a ponytail or smaller braids for a braid out.

I do pretty much the same thing weekly except I use my protein conditioner. I only use either ORS Hair Mayo or the ORS Deep Treatment Masque. I put it in 4 sections,comb it through, wrap it up in a plastic bag and leave it for an hour. I’m going to start doing my protein treatment every two weeks, because Diva’s breakage is something serious!

The Future
a henna treatment
A professional haircut
going to straighten Diva for the first time in 4 years!

As I do all these things, I’ll keep everyone updated. As always feel free to ask me anything or leave a comment!!