Skin To Skin…care

The other day I did a bit of beauty shopping with my good friend,Alex. He was picking up the products that he uses on his skin and as he was doing that, I pointed out some of the not so good ingredients in the products. After having a conversation with Alex on what things to look for in his skincare products, I was inspired to write a post on my own  products and regimen. Thanks for the inspiration,Alex!

I don’t know what kind of skin type I have. I do know that my problem area is my forehead. I am CONSTANTLY fighting breakouts. The breakouts are at its worse during my “lady time” and when I’m really stressed out. In the past (when I was a teenager) I just washed my face with Dove soap and followed that with alcohol. I paid no mind to my skin being moisturized, I just wanted the acne/pimples gone.*cringes*

Ive been using gentler products on my fsce for a few years now. My favorite product brand is Aveeno. My family has been using their body lotion for years because most of us have eczema. I have been using the Postively Radiant foam cleanser and the Positively Radiant Clear Complexion daily moisturizer. Its oil free,hypoallergenic,abd noncomedogenic. I love all of these qualities in my cleanser and it has salicylic acid to treat my acne.
At some point,I’ll try to get into oil cleansing because although I love my Aveeno,I really do want to use all natural products to take care of my skin. It makes me feel better to “go green” and its easier on my wallet. Aveeno is pretty pricey. I just recently started using EVCO as a moisturizer. It has so many benefits(hydrates and softens, clears away dirt,grime,and dead skin cells cotains antibacterial properties that kill iff harmful bacteria) and that will be my oil of choice for oil cleansing.

I wash and moisfurize my face twice a day and the only thing I do differently at night is I use a night cream. Aveeno has one but its so hard to get and really expensive so I’m using Olay’s firming night cream. I don’t like it and I’m not going to repurchase it because it makes my feel dry.

In the summer, I change my moisturizer to one with some SPF,UVA/B protection. Aveeno also has one but it ia not the Positively Radiant line. It works like a charm and keeps me from getting sunburn. I think I might keep it even after I try oil cleansing. I think maybe coconut oil has a very menial amount of SPF protection so I may experiment with relying on it for sunscreen.

Im excited about oil cleansing and of course I will be letting you know how it works out (pics will be included,of course).


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