Mommy and Me Monday #2- The Thompson Family


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How many children do you have and what are their ages?
I have 4 children and one on the way-  
13. boy
8. girl
6. girl
9mo. girl
and due 6/20 girl
 The 13year old, 8year old, and the 9mo old are mine through birth. the 6yr old we have full custody of her. She is a cousin technically. 
What is ONE song that reminds you of your child(ren)?
I like to move it from Madagascar (movie). We have watched those movies over and over and over again… I think I may have most of the lines memorized!! lol
How would you define your style of parenting?
I would say I am more laid back and relaxed. I try not to stress about every little thing… though I do have my moments. I feel kids need to be kids yet still learn responsibility. That sometimes they have to learn from their own mistakes. And I will never be perfect and there will always be someone to point it out in life… so I try and take a day at a time, love them and make sure they know they are loved. Tell them all the time. Pray for them and with them. And just try and be the best I can be
Do you have a restaurant or favorite place that you will only go with your child(ren)?
I guess this would have to be chuck e cheese cuz i sure am not going to go with out my kids!!! lol. 
What is one piece of advice you would give your child(ren) that can apply to their entire life?
Be yourself. No matter what there will always be someone to tear you down. God made you just the way you are because you are special to Him just like that. Life comes in seasons… today may be hard, but tomorrow will be better.  Always, always, always, have faith in God. Pray. Have a relationship, not just when you need Him… but always- good and bad. God Loves You. 

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