You May Quote #7

I love this quote! I got it from the Pinterest board of GG Renee. When I graduated from high school and received my high school year book, there was no picture of me. The reason being was the day I was scheduled to take my yearbook photo, I was in my guidance counselor’s office bearing my soul about the illicit relationship I was having with Bubba’s father. But that’s a later discussion. Anyway, when I remembered that I didn’t take my picture, I didn’t care, I drowned myself in the over 1500 students in my high school. I wasn’t a part of any extracurricular clubs, sports teams, or committees. I was a writer on the school newspaper, The Highlighter, but no one read it. My friends were few and even though they loved me,I never felt I truly belonged to them anyway.I remember a girl my best friend used to hang out with came up to her one day and asked her why she hung out with me. “She’s weird you know, always hanging out in the library or writing something down” she said. I was sitting right there while this girl acted like I was invisible. And I was. Still am but now I embrace it. I love me because I’m weird and I like indie films and books in a world that gets praised for sameness and trendy.Don’t get me wrong, I do like some trends, but I prefer to start my own…even if I’m the only one following it.

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  1. Thank you for joining Dean and I at this weeks That’s What She Said link up! I love the quote you chose, and I loved reading why it spoke to you. It can be hard to feel different; to feel odd and know that what you love and have a passion for is not the mainstream. But that is what makes the world go around. I am glad that not everyone loves the same thing; that would be far too boring. My favorite part of your post was when you said, that you like some trends, but you would prefer to start your own!! You go girl!! That is a wonderful, positive attitude to have!! Thank you again. I hope you join us next week.


  2. Mrs. AOK says:

    I love that you are you, unapologetic an awesome you. 🙂
    As Dr. Seuss says: there’s no one youer than you.
    Thank you, for sharing you with us.
    All the best ❤
    I hope you will join us for #TWSS this week.


    1. mommyincolor says:

      I have to say it was hard for me to accept that I am who I am. But the journey was made easier because I had friends who never required that I be anything other than me. I love who I am and my daughter loves me for me too!!!


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