Mommy and Me Mondays #4- The Hedlin Family

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How many children do you have and what are their ages?
I have 3 boys. My baby is Nathan and will be 4 on June 20th, my middle son is Lucas and he  just turned 7 and my oldest son is William and he  is 10.5.
What is ONE song that reminds you of your child(ren)?
I have two. Sorry. Let them be Little by Billy Dean and Here I am by Bryan Adams. I used both songs in my oldest son’s preschool slideshow and now I can’t listen to either one with out bawling. I can’t imagine going back and watching that today after more than 5 years have passed.
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How would you define your style of parenting?
I am an “anything goes” parent. We are very eclectic and we go with the flow. What worked last month may not work this week and you have to adjust or everyone will go crazy. 
Do you have a restaurant or favorite place that you will only go with your child(ren)?
Not really, unless you count their activities or the park. We do frequent Chick-fil-a with the kids but we would do that with or without them. Maybe we need a “special place” that is ours and the kids. Hmmm. Now you have me thinking.
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What is one piece of advice you would give your child(ren) that can apply to their entire life?
PLEASE, Be yourself and always trust that no matter what you decide or what you tell us we will love you unconditionally.


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