You May Quote #8


With my mother’s 50-somethingth birthday coming upon Father’s Day (how funny), I was thinking about how she feels now that she has two grown children and four grandchildren. Does she think about the mistakes she made with us growing up? How often? Does she think about the mistakes her children make as parents and ever blame herself? I don’t mean to sound negative but although I’m only seven years into motherhood, I have questions like this myself. Sometimes I catch my mom just staring at me and I wonder what she sees. Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

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  1. I’m about that age and it’s kind of strange to have adult kids. Sometimes I don’t see myself as any older than they are and I have to remind myself that I’m from a different generation. It’s just interesting with your own kids – sometimes you see so much of yourself in them, but then you’ll remember funny moments from their childhood and see them as such individuals. I look at baby pictures and sometimes I can’t believe it’s exactly the SAME adult who is sitting right next to me. And yes, Moms do remember every single mistake we’ve made. I still remember the time I accidentally snapped my baby in the face with the elastic band from his little hat. That was 26 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I’d ever actually injured one of them…


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