Faithful Fridays #3- I Can’t Even Walk…


I grew up in a household that played only gospel music. My mom tok me and my brother to gospel shows all the time. A gospel show is a concert with different gospel artists. The venue is usually a church and sometimes they have “anniversary gospel shows”, which is when a gospel quartet or artist celebrates how long they’ve been in the gospel music business. I always enjoyed seeing my favorite artists in person. After the show, my mom and I would walk around the church and get our favorite artists’ autograph. They were always kind and willing to stop and talk to fans and followers. One of my mother’s favorite artist was Darrell McFadden and the Disciples. She had every tape or CD he put out and when she didn’t she ran down to either Harlem’s Rainbow music store or Bobby’s Gospel Store on Pitkin Avenue in Brooklyn to get his music.

I remember this one song she loved on his CD Chronicles:Book of Songs. She would play it as she did house work or if she just needed her spirits lifted. She would close her eyes and raise her hand to the sky and just let the lyrics to the song wash over her. I didn’t understand the power that music holds in people’s lives then. Thanks to the blessing that is Youtube, I found a Youtuber that posts MANY different gospel artists music and I was pleasantly surprised when I found my mom’s favorite Darrell McFadden song ( the CD she originally had broke due to overuse). When I listened to it, it brought  back a lot of memories, but it also did something to me. It spoke to me about how I can’t do anything without God and the devil has me fooled into thinking otherwise. Growing up, we are taught that we have to learn how to do things ourselves as adults. Parents don’t always tell us that we NEVER do anything without God and that if He wants something from us, He’s going to take us through whatever we have to go through to get His end result. As the song says ” The mountains are so high and the valleys are so wide… ” but everything is possible with Him. Its a struggle for me to not just depend on myself and my earthly resources to make a life for myself and Bubba. This song reminded my mother (and now it reminds me on) the days when she had no money, on the days when food was scarce, on the days when she felt overwhelmed raising a family that she wasn’t walking alone, because none of us can walk without Him holding our hands.


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