Mommy and Me Mondays #6- The Ewing Family

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How many children do you have and what are their ages?

Two girls ages 2(Sarah) and 4(Lissie).  Both of them have special needs.

What is ONE song that reminds you of your child(ren)?

“My Favorite Things” for Sarah and “Maneater” for Lissie.

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How would you define your style of parenting?

I am a strict parent, as is my husband.  We are both the oldest children in our families, so we were raised with pretty strict rules.  We do the same for our girls.  It’s important for us that they develop good character, so when they exhibit kindness, respect, etc, we reward them and affirm them, but when they are selfish and rude, we administer consequences (e.g., time outs, taking away toys or privileges).  It’s hard, but we’ve found that consistency is key!

Do you have a restaurant or favorite place that you will only go with your child(ren)?

There’s a local ice cream stand called “The Chief” that has hand-dipped flavors made with real cream.  We only go there with our girls every summer!

What is one piece of advice you would give your child(ren) that can apply to their entire life?

Kindness and respect (including self-respect) will get you far in life.  It doesn’t mean that people won’t betray you or treat you unfairly.  It doesn’t mean you will evade hurt and sorrow, but it does mean that you can hold your head up high, because you know who you are and you are true to yourself and your values.  Being kind ensures that you treat people with justice and mercy, that you care for those who are in need, and that you befriend people who are different from you.

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