Faithful Fridays #4- Spirit Filled Summer


Today is the last day of school for public school children here in NYC. As I dropped Bubba off at school for the last time, she looked back at me and waved. A wave of grief hit me because my mom has missed another school year in Bubba’s life. Her granddaughter has learned a lot this year. Not just in school, but in her own life. She is starting a relationship with God and her grandmother would be so proud. She ask about God and if He really does go to school with her after I’ve dropped her off. She tells me who she’s praying for and why. She is learning the difference between a wish and a prayer. Bubba has faith.

blue, sky, clouds, sunshine, nature

The summer is here and although I have extremely limited financial means, I intend to make Bubba’s summer as rich and full and fun as I can. Since she’s on this spiritual journey, I plan on taking her on nature walks and to bird watching so that she can witness God’s glory. Yes, we’ll do the usual fun things that kids do in the summer and we’re going to get a jump on her 2nd grade curriculum but teaching her about God by showing her God is very important.  Enjoy your summer, everyone!


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