Faithful Fridays#5- Who am I Becoming?


I follow a couple what most would call “faith blogs” or “Christian blogs”. One of my favorites is Proverbs 31 Ministries. I go there for the daily devotionals more so than anything else. There’s always a nice little story leading up to the message of the day. I love its simplicity. Last Friday’s devotional was entitled Who Am I Becoming? and the author. Lynn Cromwell, says that lately she doesn’t recognize herself. She feels as if she can’t keep everything together. Sh’e going through a season of change. According to Lynn

“Facing another change, and handling it well, requires a woman of character. Change requires traits I feel like I haven’t fully mastered and so I tend to think, I’m just not patient. I can’t be kind.

But maybe, just maybe, times of transition are God’s way of bringing the change. He just might be setting up this opportunity for me to grow into the woman He knows I can become”.

I tried to apply Lynn’s words to me and I thought to my self ‘ Jennice, you are penniless. You have no job and you want to go back to school but you owe back a loan. What is the change in this situation? Where is God in this situation?’ The answer? I don’t know. I haven’t a clue how me being unemployed and having no prospects is going to help God change me to do something great in this world. But then I went to the question at the end of the Proverbs 31 ministry devotional:

Who are you becoming? As you look at the direction your heart, attitudes and words are heading each day, how are you becoming the woman you want to be?

I’ve noticed that I’m much more patient than usual. I spend a lot of time thinking over and over in my head ‘ Let God deal with it, Nika’. When money is scarce, I am less anxious and more focused on thanking God on what I do have. I realize that whatever is going to happen, I can’t control and I don’t try to anymore. It’s hard to have faith in the unseen, and some days I wonder if I’m just being a fool. But then God, in the tiniest ways, shows me that he heard my prayer before I went to bed or while I was in the shower, or when I was twiddling my thumbs. The woman I am becoming is one that’s faith is still just the size of a mustard seed, but that’s okay because God can work with anything


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