Faithful Fridays #6


SO, I have a confession to make: I haven’t been reading my Bible or praying lately. I know,I know how can I even have a faithful Friday feature when I’m not even doing “Christian stuff”. That’s why I haven’t been consistent with posting on Fridays. I don’t have a real reason why except…laziness. With the Summer being here, I have to keep Bubba entertained and that is exhausting. I try to take her out two to three times a week (which reminds me that I have to schedule some things for us next week) and when I’m not keeping her from driving me nuts, I’m looking for work or trying to hold this blog together…or being a total couch potato. I’ve been feeling guilty even though when I started Faithful Fridays, I made no promise to become a born again Christian. I just wanted some change in my life and I knew only God could give it to me.

I realize that for a lot of Christians, it takes a while to dedicate yourself to some sort of devotional routine and I’m no different. Today, I came across a blog post about having a morning routine that’s productive and can start your day on the right course.It seems to stress the imprtance of having some time to yourself early in the morning before you being pulled in a million directions by family and work. The biggest take away I took from the post was

“Be Consistent, BUT Give Yourself Grace This may seem contradictory, but hear me out. Give yourself a fair shot and force yourself to get up at your goal time EVERY DAY for 2-3 weeks. Initially don’t give yourself any wiggle room. There were mornings I could have given myself an excuse NOT to get up at 6:00 (the girls were sick and were waking up often during the night), but because I didn’t give myself any wiggle room I think my new habit is here to stay!”

The most important thing in my routine will be to say a quick prayer of thanks and mercy (and maybe vent a little) and to get that Bible reading done. After that I can read my favorite blogs,get some library book reading day,job hunt,blog, and not go through my day being bored and waiting for night to come so I can promise myself to be more productive the next day,only to renege. The hardest part will be consistency, but I guess the first thing I ask God is to help me stay consistent.



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  1. I love your honesty. I led on an online Bible study this summer and even though it was my job to post our devotionals on our groups’s Facebook page, it was very easy to do something else first :). Everyday life happens, and a devotional is a great way to have a firm foundation in Christ as you do the other stuff.

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