The Ghost of Halloweens Past


Today’s post is inspired by one of Mama Kat’s fabulous prompts

  When I was 16,my brother and I picked out these great Roman inspires costumes. He took on the role of Roman King and even though I am his sister, I was the Roman Queen. We felt prettt damn good about our choice and I even took it a step further by adding makeup to give me a zombie effect. As soon as we stepped outside,we felt like ***holes. We turned to our mother and swore we were done with Halloween. I meant it…until Amani came along.

  For the last two Halloweens, I have gone back to getting a costume. It took a lot of coaxing and her big cheesy smiles but I eventually caved and bought…get ready for it…a “Sexy” Snow White costume. I waited too close to Halloween to but one so there were few options left. I settled for Snow White because I wanted go a more unexpected route for my return costume and everyone knows I dont care for princesses and Im usually reserved in the way I dress so…Snow White it was.

(Not me) as Sexy Snow White October ’14 and ’15

Anyway, Amani and I dont actually go trick or treating.In our neighborhood not too many people who celebrate it. A bigger part of our area is Jewish so they arent homes to go to for candy. And with this bizarre clowns in the woods thing that is happening, Im none too eager to change our tradition. My mom drops a load on candy and Amani and I eat ourselves sick while watching “scary movies.

Since she has started getting costumes, she has been a Monster High character.

This isnt Amani(obviously) but this is the costume she wore the first time she got one which was October ’12

I love Monster High and all but I’m trying to persuade her to do something new.

(Not Amani) as Abbey Bominable Oct ’14


(Not Amani) as Frankie Stein(Deluxe..whatever that means) October ’15

She recently acquired a pair of cute Batgirl sunglasses from.McDonalds. I love when their toys can actually serve a purpose. As for me, I dont want be “sexy three years in a row so I may try something more predictably me. As long as Im with my favorite girl, it really doesn’t matter what I wearing. Happy Halloween,everyone!

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    • The whole premise is to teach young ladies how to accept themselves,flaws and all. If u have any little girls ask one of them about it or do what I did…check out one of their many movies!


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