Monthly Archives: December 2016

Denzealots Unite!!!


I’m really into Soundcloud’s podcasts right now. I got into it because of my brother, who is an aspiring artist. He has quite a few songs on Soundcloud and some are features with his best friend. As a big sister, I have to support but while I was doing that I stumbled across some real podcast gold! As I’m writng this I’m listening to a fave called The XD Experience Network.

However, before I found that I found one that I knew was created for me…Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor of All Time…Period. Yes, that’s the actual name of it and if you are a die hard fan of any and everything Denzel,then you are a Denzealot and you need this podcast in your life! I have been a fan of Mr. Washington’s since I was about six years old. I pride myself on having seen all of his films…until the podcast revealed that I’m missing about 4 or 5 films. But that’s soon to change with the Christmas vacation coming up. I can’t be out in these streets claiming super fandom if I haven’t seen all the Denzel movies. So, thanks to DWITGAOATP for setting me straight and giving me some Denzel homework!!!

Two comedians, W.Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery go through Denzel’s entire filmography in mostly alphabetical order and offer critique,insights and little facts about the movie. They are huge fans of Denzel (obviously) so their opinions and discussions are genuine and lots of fun. I’ve already spread the word among non Denzealot friends. They don’t care but maybe you will. Here is an episode to get you into the swing of things. Enjoy!