A Memorable Date


I remember a beautiful date I went on. It was my first date with a man who reminded me of Prince with a similar swag and sex appeal. The day we met he had just threatened to beat up a fellow train rider who he felt was in his personal space. I remember catching his eye when I laughed and asking for his number.
Anyway, the date idea was his but I thought it would never happen because I had to wait about two hours for him to get off work,go home and change,and meet up with me. Strike One. We rode the A train out to Manhattan. There was a guy on the train selling some kind of drink called a nutcracker. Apparently its a mix of liquors and it sneaks up on you with its fruity taste.
We learned alot about each other and we sipped our nutcrackers…well, I sipped and he guzzled. By the time we got to our.stop, he was pretty buzzed. Strike two.

He didn’t want to tell me where we were going but I remember we had to walk quite.a distance from the train. He got confused about our direction so we had to turn around and walk even further to the mystery location. Strike three.

Just when I’m about to.pretend that I have some sort of emergency and I need to get home ASAP, we turn the corner and I see beautiful small yahts lit up like Christmas trees in what appears to be a cul de sac of sorts on the river. The water was a beautiful glistening black . In the backdrop were the mountainous skyscrapers that NYC is known for. It was breathtaking. My date knew from the look on my face, I had never been here before. “This is Battery Park ” he whispered in my ear.

( The view of the other side of Battery Park)

Battery Park is about 25 acres and is located on the southern end of NYC, facing The New York Harbor. Along that waterfront, ferries are offered to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. There are gorgeous gazebos and as I’ve witnessed personally, is at its most beautiful on a balmy summer night. If you ever visit here, I STRONGLY suggest visiting yourself.

We walked down a cobblestone pathway under the watch of a full moon. There were canopies of branches and I imagine the Secret Garden looks jist like this. It was hot that night but not uncomfortably so. We strolled pass the yahts and watched people lay out on then, some holding champagne flutes. There was some kind of party on one.and a beautiful leggy blond winked at my date. I grabbed his hand and almost pulled it out the socket doing so. He laughed as did Blondie. I hoped he didn’t see me as jealous or possessive

He pulled me in close to him and that was our first kiss. We found a fountain to sit by and we made out a little. He’s a smoker and was the first smoker I ever kissed. It wasn’t bad. We walked all around the cul de sac of yahts and found ourselves walking down a really dark path with not enough street lights to give it life. To my amazement at the end of the path was the base of a winding staircase that led up to a fabulous gazebo. The darkness hid the staircase so the gazebo appeared to float all on its own. I shrieked with glee and ran(okay walked briskly) up the stairs with the date following close behind.

The view was even more amazi fromt up there, giving the illusion that I could touch the moon.I announced to the date,that this waa the place I will marry the love of my life. He gave a nervous laugh but put his hands around my waist while we let a surprising breeze blow harbor water on us.

Unfortunately, me and the date didn’t.work out. He moved out of NYC to take a job in Michigan and whenever he did visit,he spent all his time visiting his six children and breaking dates with me. I ran into him a couple of months ago and he asked if I jad found someone to touch the moon with

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  1. That’s a beautiful story. Goes to show that even a person you weren’t meant to be with can give you some pretty nice memories to think about later. Lemonade out of lemons, I guess.


  2. Sounds like a really nice place. I would love to go and see it like that. All I have ever seen was from a Greyhound Bus bus and those views as you might imagine are nothing like yours.


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