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#JumpstartYourJournal Day 3-Refuge


Welcome to day 3 of our #JumpstartYourJournal challenge, where we commit to journaling 5-10 minutes a day to help clear our mind and get clarity on where we’re headed. 
Today’s prompt is REFUGE. Spend a few minutes considering:
Where do you feel safe? When faced with challenges or stress, who or what do you turn to first? How do those safe spaces serve you? 

This one is easy. I have always found solace in libraries. Like, I love books and just reading itself reduces stress levels. But more often than not,I’m still at the place where I’m feeling the most stress(home). So when I want to completely shut out all the noise in my head,I go to the library. It’s number one rule:quiet. I’m not fond if the small one a few blocks from my home,  it it serves it’s purpose. It stops the noise.

Libraries give me a chance to be someone else,somewhere else,and in another time.  A chance to take a little vacation.  I started cutting class i n high school.  As soon as I started perfecting how to do it and not get caught, I spent my time at the huge library a few blocks away from my high school.  My mom were butting heads a lot at home  I was a “loser” at school,and I was sad all the time.  But not at the library.

#JumpstartYourJournal Day 2-Belonging


For me,today’s prompt is pretty short and sweet. I kept having block and then a few lines came to me and I went with it. As I said before, this journaling activity is hosted by Tara of The Young Mommy Life and you can find all prompts on her FB page, The Renaissance Suite.

​Welcome to day 2 of our #JumpstartYourJournal challenge, where we commit to journaling 5-10 minutes a day to help clear our mind and get clarity on where we’re headed. 
Today’s prompt is BELONGING. 
Where do you fit in? What people/spaces make you feel like you belong? Have you outgrown any people/spaces in the past year? If so, how do you feel about that?
Where should I belong?

How do you know when you have arrived at the place you belong?

Is it a feeling? 

Can you hear your belonging? 

Perhaps you feel longing and hear others belonging

#JumpstartYourJournal Day 1- Identity


I am four days behind on this activity, so I’ll just start at day one and shout out to Tara of The Young Mommy Life for hosting this on her FB page, The  Renaissance Suite

Our Day 1 prompt of our #JumpstartYourJournal challenge is Identity. 
Who are you? How do you define yourself? Are you comfortable with who you are and where you are? What aspects of your personality/character are you working on? 
Spend 5-10 minutes reflecting on these questions and jot down your thoughts. 

I don’t know how I define myself. I know how I see myself as a person. To me,I am a sensitive free spirit who has more book smarts than I do street smarts. I don’t care for conflict but of provoked,my words can sting. I’m stubborn to a fault but I think it just adds to my charm!

I don’t like where I am in life.  It’s a million miles away from where I thought I’d be,even with the added hardships of having been a teen mom. I’m disappointed and ashamed every time I think about being on the bottom rung if the adulthood ladder. I’m sick and tired of being stagnant and I’m starting to make small changes.

Someone from my past recently told me that over the past 6 years that he’s known ne,my style had not changed. Those words were not the ones he used,but they made me go on the defensive.  I went on an Instagram rampage  about how “I don’t need to change” and “Physical appearance doesn’t mean anything to me. After calming down,this “blast from my past”and I had a follow up conversation.  He explained that he simply meant  that the growing up I have done as a person isnt reflected in my style. Simply put, I still look like a high school girl(complete with glasses and braces). I asked other friends how they felt about my look,they told me their honest opinions(which stung a little), and went on to explain that they hadnt said anything because they thought they would offend me and they know how defensive I can get. I said all that to point out that I’m working on my defensiveness and my dismissive attitude when I think someone is being mean to me or not accepting of me.

And although I’m saying all these good things, I’m still peeved about the critiques I got. They shouldn’t bother me,they should be taken as advice and not critiques,but…IT’S.KILLING.ME. TO. NOT. BE.DEFENSIVE. Eh,baby steps right?