#JumpstartYourJournal Day 2-Belonging

For me,today’s prompt is pretty short and sweet. I kept having block and then a few lines came to me and I went with it. As I said before, this journaling activity is hosted by Tara of The Young Mommy Life and you can find all prompts on her FB page, The Renaissance Suite.

​Welcome to day 2 of our #JumpstartYourJournal challenge, where we commit to journaling 5-10 minutes a day to help clear our mind and get clarity on where we’re headed. 
Today’s prompt is BELONGING. 
Where do you fit in? What people/spaces make you feel like you belong? Have you outgrown any people/spaces in the past year? If so, how do you feel about that?
Where should I belong?

How do you know when you have arrived at the place you belong?

Is it a feeling? 

Can you hear your belonging? 

Perhaps you feel longing and hear others belonging

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