The Reading Women Challenge 2018


I didn’t make any New Year Resolutions because they are way too much pressure. I did set some goals though.Aside from going back toa full time job, I would like to actually complete more books than I di it 17. To help me achieve this goal, I’ve started a book challenge hosted by The Reading Women. There are 24 categories(the last two are bonus books) and I’ve listed them here as well as my picks. I cant wait to see everyone else’s picks and as always, happy reading!

1) Book by a woman in trnslation-

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2) Fantasy novel by a woman of color-

3) A book set in the American South

4) A short story collection-

A graphic novel or memoir-

6) A book published by an indie press-

7) A book set in Russia or by a Russian author-

8)– A book with a viewpoint character who is an immigrant or refugee-

9) A book by a Canadian or Australian author-

10) An essay collection-

11) A book about someone with a chronic illness-

12) True Crime-

13) book by an African American woman about the Civil Rights movement-

14) A classic novel written by a woman-

15) A poetry collection-

By Key Ballah

16) A book where the characters are travelling somewhere-

17) A book with food in the title-

18) A book written by a female Novel Prize winner-

19) A book from The Reading Women Award 2017 shortlist-

20) A memoir by someone who lives in a country different from yours-

21) A book inspired by a fairy tale-

For those of you not following my bookstagram already, please follow me here. Happy New Year and happy reading!

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